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Zhumadian charging pile company evcome New Energy provides an overall solution for the construction of charging piles in various scenarios in Zhumadian, direct sales of charging pile manufacturers, and preferential prices. The professional charging pile research and development team can design and customize the development management background according to customer needs, with high safety and quality assurance. Give you a detailed introduction to charging piles, including charging pile operation and usage, model, range, pictures, news and prices, etc. The charging pile should pay attention to the following: 1. Correct installation 1. The polarity of the battery cannot be reversed, otherwise the smart charging pile and battery will be damaged. The smart charging pile should be installed in a special place with good ventilation, dryness, no serious dust, no corrosive gas, and no strong electromagnetic field interference. The pile shell should be reliably grounded (there is a ground bolt at the lower part of the box body). 2. The output line should be based on the distance, choose a suitable cable, and the total voltage drop of the line should not be greater than 5%. 3. The charging pile is suitable for an ambient temperature of -10°C to 50°C and an altitude of less than 1,000 meters. When the machine is in use, it should be more than 0.6 meters away from obstacles such as walls that affect its ventilation and heat dissipation. Regularly check whether the fan is operating normally. 2. Pay attention to waterproof 1. Check whether the charging gun has been soaked in rainwater, whether there is water or debris in the gun, check and clean out the water and debris in the charging gun, and wipe the inside of the gun head before using it. When drawing the gun on the pile, pay attention to prevent rainwater from splashing into the gun head, and make sure that the muzzle of the gun is facing down when moving with the gun. 2. When the charging gun is plugged into or pulled out of the car charging socket, be sure to use rain gear to cover it, so as to avoid rainwater splashing into the charging gun and the car charging socket. 3. After the charging is completed, please be sure to insert the charging gun back into the charging port of the charging pile. Make sure that the charging gun is facing down during the movement and that it is covered with rain gear when inserting the charging gun back into the charging pile. 3. Charging process 1. It is forbidden to draw the gun directly during the charging process. 2. During the charging process, the vehicle is prohibited from driving. It can only be charged when it is stationary. Before charging, ensure that the vehicle has been turned off before charging. 4. End of charging At the end of charging, it is recommended to unplug the charging gun after the charging interface completely jumps. (Voltage and current rise and fall requires a process to ensure safety) 5. Safety issues 1. Special fire-fighting equipment should be equipped near the charging pile to prevent emergencies. 2. It is strictly forbidden to use the charging pile when the charging gun or charging cable is defective, cracked, worn, broken, or the charging cable is exposed. If you find any, please contact the electrician in time.


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