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Zhongshan car charging pile manufacturer evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. is a brand of car charging piles. Its network covers 70% of China, and its outlets are all over the country. Provide car charging pile rankings and information on top ten brands of car charging piles. New energy vehicle charging pile, charging pile investment, specializing in electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles, electric bicycle intelligent charging equipment, charging operation management platform, research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, service and operation of new energy vehicle charging piles, etc. car charging pile manufacturers. Charging new energy vehicles is what new energy vehicle owners need to do now. At the same time, in the vast northern regions of our country, as long as it enters winter, it will inevitably usher in rainy and snowy weather. So, what should you pay attention to when charging new energy vehicles in rainy and snowy weather? First of all, try to choose an indoor charging station. Because if the owner of the new energy vehicle chooses to charge outdoors, the battery capacity will become smaller due to the low outdoor temperature, not only cannot be fully charged, but also have a certain impact on the activity of the battery. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an underground parking lot or indoor charging for new energy vehicles in rainy and snowy weather. Secondly, if you have to choose to charge outdoors, you must take relevant protective measures. First, choose to charge during the day, because the temperature during the day is high, so the temperature has little effect on battery activity. Second, cover the charging port with a shield and keep the charging port dry. It should be noted that new energy vehicle owners should pay attention to cover snowflakes when inserting or drawing guns to prevent snowflakes from flying into the charging port. Furthermore, do not choose to charge in a place with a slope, because it is slippery in rainy and snowy days. If you choose to charge in a place with a slope, it is likely that the car will slip backwards. In short, it is necessary to pay more attention to safety and do a good job of protection when charging in rainy and snowy weather.


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