Yunnan charging pile construction plan


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For the Yunnan charging pile construction plan, you can directly call 15919794865 to consult Shenzhen Evcome New Energy Co., Ltd., to provide you with car charging station construction and operation solutions, commercial real estate solutions, bus/taxi solutions, high and low voltage complete sets of overall solutions , Charging network operator solutions. A charging pile manufacturer that integrates charging pile research and development, production, sales, installation, service and operation management with one-stop service, direct sales of charging pile manufacturers, and preferential prices. There are electric bicycle charging piles, charging and swapping cabinets, AC charging piles, DC charging piles, DC low-voltage charging piles, DC split charging piles, DC integrated charging piles, AC and DC integrated charging piles and many other charging piles for selection. Use big data to help operators expand resources, lay charging pile operation system faster, increase utilization rate, and return costs faster. Profit profit sharing, site, equipment, installation and after-sales, user charging profit sharing, which facilitates standardized management and reduces costs. According to the "Guidelines for the Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (2015-2020)" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments, my country will build 12,000 centralized charging and swapping stations and 4.8 million decentralized charging piles in 2020 to meet the needs of 5 million electric vehicles nationwide. charging needs. New energy vehicle charging piles are included in the seven categories of new infrastructure, which has accelerated the layout of charging piles across the country. The planned total investment of the charging pile project is 176.0373 million yuan, of which: 127.2204 million yuan in fixed assets, accounting for 72.27% of the total project investment; 48.8169 million yuan in working capital, accounting for 27.73% of the total project investment. The annual operating income is 395.34 million yuan, the total cost is 305.8544 million yuan, taxes and surcharges are 3.1983 million yuan, the total profit is 89.4856 million yuan, the total profit and tax is 105.0267 million yuan, the net profit after tax is 67.1142 million yuan, and the total annual tax payment is 37.9125 million yuan. Yuan; the annual investment profit rate is 50.83%, the investment profit and tax rate is 59.66%, the investment return rate is 38.12%, the total investment recovery period is 4.12 years, and 823 jobs are provided. Charging pile is a device used to charge electric vehicles (EV), and it is a substitute for traditional gas stations and gaspumps. The charging pile is mainly composed of a pile body, an electrical module, a metering module, etc., and generally has functions such as electric energy metering, billing, communication, and control. The charging pile equipment itself does not have too high technical content, and the competitive differences are mainly reflected in the stability, compatibility, cost control, brand reputation and bidding ability of the produced equipment.


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