You have to watch the development trend of new energy cables in 2022!

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

On July 20, 2020, with the rapid development of my country's new energy industry chain, there is a huge demand for new energy cables such as wind energy cables, photovoltaic cables, and nuclear energy cables. Key product development directions: my country divides wire and cable products into five categories: bare wires, winding wires, electrical equipment wires and cables, power cables, and communication cables (including optical cables). At present, the output (value) of these five types of products generally account for 18%, 19%, 22%, 31% and 10% of the total cable output. Experts pointed out that the current structure of my country's wire and cable products is relatively backward, the proportion of products with low technical content is too large, and the proportion of products with high technical content is too small. In developed countries such as the United States, the proportions of the above five types of products are 10%, 10%, 49%, 13% and 18% respectively, and the product structure is obviously better than that of China. Although the production scale, variety development and product level of my country's wire and cable industry have undergone great changes. There are still three main problems in the development: (1) At present, the overall capacity of the wire and cable industry is more than twice the demand, and the forecast demand for various products in 2000 is lower than the current production capacity. (2) In recent years, the wire and cable industry has not paid enough attention to the adjustment of product structure, the contradiction of product structure is still prominent, and high-level products cannot meet the demand. For example, from the perspective of major categories, my country's bare wire production accounts for nearly 1/5, and developed countries only account for 1/10. Among the bare wires, overhead wires and ordinary steel-cored aluminum stranded wires account for the vast majority. (3) Low economic benefits. There are more than 700 loss-making enterprises in the industry, and more than a quarter of them are losing money. Due to the decline in efficiency year by year and the increase of loss-making enterprises, the industry's funds are generally tight, and the average asset-liability ratio is as high as 70%. The state attaches great importance to infrastructure construction such as urban network transformation, information highway development, communication industry take-off, power equipment upgrading and energy saving, and puts forward new requirements for the types and levels of wires and cables. Although from the perspective of the total amount, the future demand will not increase much, but the demand for varieties and levels will be a period of strong demand. Therefore, new energy cable manufacturers should pay attention to the development of science and technology, and drive the increase of product market share with the development of high technology. .


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