Will community charging piles be harmful to batteries and construction safety requirements-evcome


With the development of urbanization, high-rise elevator rooms emerge in endlessly. With the frequent use of electric vehicles, there are more and more electric vehicle charging piles in residential areas. The electric vehicles of community residents have become an indispensable transportation in their lives. Tools, then, will the charging piles in the community be harmful to the battery? Community charging stations can not only prolong the battery life of electric vehicles, but also extend the battery life to a certain extent if users of charging pile manufacturers have mastered the correct skills when using electric vehicles. 1. After the electric vehicle is fully charged, the user should accelerate slowly when starting the electric vehicle. Too fast acceleration and excessive current will affect the battery. 2. During the driving of the electric vehicle, the user should observe the power consumption at any time. Generally, when the battery power is halved, the charging pile manufacturer needs to charge the battery to prevent over-discharge from damaging the battery. 3. When the charger is charging, when the indicator light is green, it means that the charging is complete, but it takes 1-2 hours for the car charging pile manufacturer to complete the charging operation. If the floating charge is not performed for a long time, the battery capacity will decrease and the use time will decrease shorten. The function of the charging pile is similar to the refueling machine of the gas station. It can fix the car charging pile on the ground or wall, and install it on public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.),) and community parking lots or charging stations. It can charge various types of electric vehicles in pure electric vehicle charging piles according to different voltage levels. The input end of the charging pile is directly connected to the AC power grid, and the output end is equipped with a charging plug to charge electric vehicles. The charging pile generally provides two charging methods: conventional charging pile solution charging and fast charging. People can use a specific recharge card to charge Swipe the card on the human-computer interaction interface provided by the pile to perform operations such as corresponding charging method, charging time, charging pile OEM, and cost data printing. The display screen of the charging pile in the community can display charging amount, charge, charging time and other data. The layout design of the substation and power distribution equipment should be convenient for charging pile custom installation, operation, handling, maintenance, testing and monitoring, there should be no irrelevant pipelines between the high and low voltage power distribution room, transformer room, capacitor room and control room, of course, Even if the technical bottleneck of ODM of charging stations and charging piles is well resolved, there may still be problems such as site selection difficulties in the construction of charging stations. New energy vehicles should be concentrated in cities first, but land use is often scarce in prosperous areas, and land prices The cost is high. In this regard, the government needs to favor policies to promote the construction of charging facilities. Power companies have inherent advantages in developing and operating electric vehicle charging stations, and charging pile OEMs.


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