Who are the companies that make charging piles in Zhengzhou?


Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

How many companies are there in Zhengzhou that make charging piles? Henan Zhengzhou Charging Pile Enterprise Ranking evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. provides overall solutions for charging piles in various scenarios, one-stop research and development, production, sales, installation, service and operation of charging piles for new energy electric vehicles, and provides floor-standing charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles. type charging pile. With the increasing number of new energy electric vehicles, the problem of car charging piles comes along with it. Many people are optimistic about car charging piles. So, can investing in charging piles in Zhengzhou be profitable? 1. It is estimated that“Thirteen five”During the period, the central government will subsidize 10.4 billion yuan in total, with an upper limit of 24.8 billion yuan. In addition to the subsidy programs introduced by local governments, the policy subsidy funds are also very considerable. 2. Charging electricity fees and service fees, which are currently large The most basic profit-making method that some operators can expect, but there is uncertainty in the future and even the risk of being eliminated. 3. Profit models other than the charging business, such as advertising, insurance, finance, carpooling, vehicle leasing, and big data in the automotive industry with new energy vehicle charging piles as the entrance. If it is estimated that there will be more than 4.8 million distributed charging piles released by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2020, each charging pile can obtain an advertising revenue of 200 yuan/year for estimation. In 2020, the market size of decentralized charging pile advertising alone will reach 1 billion yuan. 4.“Charging pile+”new model. In the future, commercial areas will be established in domestic first-tier cities“Charging pile + commodity retail + service consumption”The attractiveness of the industrial development model to the market will gradually increase. It can be seen that the future market potential of new energy electric vehicle charging piles is still quite large, and investment in new energy vehicle charging piles must be early. In 2020, the market size of private charging piles will reach 3.982 billion yuan. In terms of quantity ratio, according to the plan for 2020 in the "Guidelines for the Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (2015-2020)", the number of private charging piles will reach 4.3 million and the number of public charging piles will reach 500,000 in 2020. Its ratio is about 8.60, much higher than the ratio of 1.14 in 2017.


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