Which locations are suitable for installation in different operation modes of the new electric charging pile-evcome


At present, although the construction speed of electric vehicle charging piles is relatively fast, the market for electric vehicle charging piles is also in a state of chaos. , This is also very difficult for the regulatory authorities, and it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to conduct inspections and audits to ensure the safety of public facilities. In order to enhance the application efficiency of charging piles in the community and ensure service functions, free WIFI services are provided in service areas and parking lots, covering all newly built electric vehicle parking areas. Considering the charging needs of fans during the trip, Wuyi Expressway has built new energy charging pile manufacturers in the service area to build RV camps to provide various supplies. Although the current utilization rate is not high, it has received support and praise from many tourists. Not only that, in order to increase the number of charging piles in the community, it also increased the exclusive parking spaces for hybrid vehicles of charging pile manufacturers to provide charging services and enhance adaptability. The parking space is wider than ordinary parking spaces, strengthens the parking safety management of car charging pile manufacturers, and assists novice drivers to park and other services. With the popularization of electric vehicles, the corresponding electric vehicle charging pile supporting facilities have also been developed rapidly. The electric vehicle charging pile management system is widely used in automobile charging piles, and can be installed and placed on many occasions. So what location is suitable for installation and charging? Pile it. (1) Public parking lot: The parking lot is one of the social charging pile places, with convenient transportation and convenient access. Pure electric vehicle charging piles can rent a parking space with the parking lot, or even a corner location, and you can leave 2 Charging parking space (since it is a short-term charging, even a dedicated charging parking space is not needed, and a charging pile solution can be obtained by paying a certain fee according to the number of charging vehicles). (2) Large-scale shopping centers: Placing charging piles here will definitely be welcomed by shopping centers, and charging people will buy goods by the way (you can buy them wherever you buy, just use the 10-20-minute charging piles for OEM shopping). In this way, It can achieve a win-win situation with shopping malls. (3) Parkable roadside: parking in cities is becoming more and more difficult, and many non-arterial roads are allowed to be used for temporary parking, because box-type electric vehicle fast charging piles occupy a very small space (less than 20 ㎡), there are many locations for box-type electric vehicle fast charging stations, and they can be moved at any time as needed. (4) Expressway service area: Charging pile ODM sets up several box-type electric vehicle fast charging stations in the expressway service area, which can connect surrounding cities. The number is small, but it is of great significance. It will greatly increase the number of electric vehicle users. confidence. (5) Residential community: This is a place close to users. Although many slow charging piles can be set up in the community, almost everyone may encounter urgent needs to go out. Slow charging stations must be combined with fast charging stations. Only when it is up can it play a role, charging pile OEM.


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