Which is the largest charging pile company in Xi'an


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Which is the largest charging pile company in Xi'an? evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. provides an overall solution for the construction of charging piles in various scenarios in Xi'an, one-stop research and development, design, production and sales, installation, operation and service of charging piles. The existing electric bicycle charging piles, charging and swapping cabinets, AC charging piles, DC charging piles, DC low-voltage charging piles, DC split charging piles, DC integrated charging piles, AC and DC integrated charging piles and many other charging piles are available. With the development of low-carbon economy, new energy electric vehicles have gradually entered our lives, bringing great convenience to citizens' green travel. A few days ago, it provided strong logistical support for citizens who purchased new energy electric vehicles. Charging piles are to new energy vehicles, just like gas stations are to traditional cars, they are all essential infrastructure for driving. For new energy vehicles that use electricity as the main power, timely charging is a necessary condition for safe battery life. In the "2019 Work Plan for the Blue Sky Defense of Shaanxi Province" implemented by the Shaanxi Provincial Government in 2020, it is an important part of the battle to control motor vehicle pollution. Encouraging the vigorous promotion of new energy vehicles has become a key breakthrough, which includes positive Promote the upgrading and replacement of new energy vehicles in the public cultural service industry in large cities, and accelerate the construction of infrastructure for vehicle charging piles and other countermeasures. On this basis, Xi'an previously announced the action of replacing gasoline and diesel taxis with pure electric taxis, and this move will undoubtedly stimulate Xi'an's battery charging requirements. Charging piles usually have effective safety protection functions; high density and energy saving, improve charging efficiency; have integrated and split design structures; integrated multi-charging, simultaneous charging and intelligent load distribution and other charging technologies; according to the needs of different models, compatible with multiple High-level charging module; widely used in many cities, providing strong guarantee for new energy transportation; supporting multiple charging modes such as equal charging, wheel charging, fast and slow charging; electronic locking device, the locking device should remain locked during the charging process .


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