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Which is the best car charging pile manufacturer? Ranking of the top ten charging pile brand companies, which one is the best new energy vehicle charging pile manufacturer? At present, there are too many domestic car charging pile manufacturers. In fact, real industry personnel will not and cannot rank one, two, three or four, because the products of mainstream car charging pile manufacturers are not very different, and the price also depends on other manufacturers. quality. Generally, the charging piles produced by regular car charging pile manufacturers can achieve high-power fast charging, which varies according to the functions, protection levels and explosion-proof properties of the charging piles. We all know that electric vehicles have always been regarded as the development trend of the next generation of vehicles, and as an electric vehicle“Gas station”, The full development of charging pile construction will undoubtedly provide a huge market. In the three major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, due to traffic congestion, restrictions on car purchases have been imposed through license plates. However, due to the environmental protection effect of electric vehicles, the government supports electric vehicles from above. Therefore, big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have relevant policies. Electric vehicles that enter their relevant lists can directly obtain license plates. This has stimulated the demand for electric vehicles from a policy perspective. At the same time, domestic refined oil prices have risen faster than they have fallen. In the end, car owners have to bear higher and higher oil prices. Electric vehicles can replace part of the consumption of gasoline and diesel, reducing this part of the cost. There is no doubt that charging piles are the terminal market for the promotion of new energy strategies. If we can seize the opportunity now, it will be of great benefit to the profitability of capital. Since electric vehicles need to replenish a large amount of electric energy every day, operating charging stations can obtain huge charging service benefits. Compared with gas stations, electric energy is safer and more convenient, and a large number of charging stations can be installed in various places. According to the scale of investment, it can range from small community slow charging piles to large highway fast charging stations. Single-station operation or network operation can be used. With regard to the opening of the charging station market, it may be more inclined to service and power supply in the future, so that the construction of charging stations can be more fully integrated with the market, and everyone will be competitors in the same market. Today, in addition to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places successively promulgating plans for the construction of charging facilities, many local governments have also proposed new ideas for building supporting charging piles in new communities, which can not only alleviate the burden of electric vehicle users“range anxiety”The problem will greatly and directly boost the sales of charging pile manufacturers. As an important downstream pillar industry of the electric vehicle industry chain, charging piles seem to be quite optimistic about their market prospects.


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