Which brand of power replacement cabinet is good


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Which brand of power replacement cabinet is good? What brand is there for the electric vehicle replacement cabinet? What are the brands of smart power exchange cabinets? Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. provides you with an overall solution for the battery exchange cabinet, which has been widely used in many cities, providing guarantee for the safety of electric bicycle battery exchange, and providing a complete set of solutions for electric bicycle battery exchange operations. technical system and development experience. The advantages of electric bicycle battery replacement cabinets are mainly reflected in safety and convenience. Compared with ordinary residents, the groups that benefit most from this are professional riders such as takeaways, express delivery, and errands. They are currently the main service targets of electric bicycle battery replacement cabinets. The function of the electric bicycle battery replacement cabinet is to be responsible for the storage of battery equipment. It looks like a locker and has different grids. Each grid stores a battery, which can automatically charge the electric bicycle battery and realize self-service battery replacement. According to relevant statistics, there are about 7 million takeaway personnel and 3.1 million courier personnel in my country. At present, the total number of electric bicycles for express delivery and takeaway employees is about 6.5 million, with an annual increase of about 20%. Based on the calculation of the battery replacement needs of takeaway and express delivery workers, the total market size of electric bicycle battery replacement cabinets is about 150,000 units. Based on the calculation of 10 cells in a set of cabinets, the time to fully charge the battery is 2 hours, and the working time of employees is calculated as 12 hours, then each set of cabinets can provide 60 batteries per day. Couriers need 2 batteries (including the original ones on the car) per day, so this set of cabinets can serve 60 people per day. The total number of courier employees is 3 million, so it can be calculated that the number of cabinets needed is 50,000. The takeaway boy needs 3 batteries (including the original ones on the car) every day, so this set of cabinets can serve 30 people every day. There are 3.1 million takeaway boys using electric vehicles, so it can be calculated that the number of cabinets needed is 100,000. In the future, it will expand to the battery replacement market of 350 million household electric bicycles. According to 1% of users, there is a daily demand for battery replacement (other households charge themselves), about 50,000 units. At present, my country's electric bicycle market has a high stock, with 300 million electric bicycles in the country, and manufacturers produce 13 million electric bicycles every year, and the production and sales are booming. Electric bicycles have become an indispensable part of people's lives, reaching 80% of ordinary families. People's travel needs of 2-10 kilometers will not disappear, and this distance travel accounts for more than 30% of people's total travel needs. In other words, electric bicycles are a market with a large demand and many target users, and it is foreseeable that the battery replacement market will continue to expand in the future.


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