What is the process of car charging piles to be maintained-evcome


What process does the car charging pile go through? 1. After the car owner purchases the electric car, he needs to go to the pile factory and submit the corresponding materials, such as ID card, the certificate of the manufacturer of the charging pile for the charging car, the certificate of the property agreeing to install the charging pile, the certificate of personal ownership of the parking space, etc. Check the authenticity, and then assign professional installers from the charging pile manufacturers to carry out the installation process. 2. After the construction personnel determine the plan, the construction will start. It usually takes two hours to install the car charging pile. This has a lot to do with the conditions attached to the community and the location of the garage. It's normal for the pile to take a full day. Charging pile manufacturer 3. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to build a pile company and report to the local power company. The staff of the power company will go to the site for acceptance. Give the corresponding electric card, and it can be used normally later. 4. In the installation of household charging piles, the most worrying issue for car charging piles is fire safety (large charging stations must be equipped with fire-fighting facilities), because most old communities do not have charging piles, and the corresponding supporting pure electric Car charging pile facilities are not perfect. Charging pile is an emerging industry at present, but the development prospect is very broad, because more and more people are beginning to use electric vehicle charging pile solutions. Electric vehicles are more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to drive, and more moderate than cars. In the near future , the automobile industry will become an electric era. In the near future, the charging pile will be OEM. The car charging pile will be as wide as the car gas station. Because it is inconvenient to charge in the community, many people will pull the cable from the room. This is not the case, the community Such charges are strictly prohibited in the customization of charging piles, so car charging piles will definitely be used in large numbers in the future. How to maintain and install car charging piles? Our charging pile ODM already knows about car charging piles. Simply put, it is to charge the car, which is equivalent to our charger. The main reason is that we use new energy charging piles, and the corresponding calls are also saved. In order to avoid the waste of our resources, how should we maintain the car charging piles. First, pay attention to protect the charger when charging the car charging pile. Second, pay attention to timely charging when charging the car charging pile, and the charging pile is OEM.


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