What is a power exchange cabinet


Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

What is a power exchange cabinet? The battery replacement cabinet is a quick battery replacement product for electric vehicle manufacturers, logistics, express delivery, takeaway, postal services, motorcycle sales points, residential properties, rental houses, factories, schools, park attractions, business units, and operational projects. , especially to help riders, outsourced delivery boys, courier boys and other battery car users to quickly complete the replacement of the battery car battery. The operation of the battery replacement cabinet is simple. You can directly scan the QR code displayed on the LCD screen on the door of the battery replacement cabinet with your mobile phone to perform the battery replacement operation. The process only takes 10 seconds, and you can enjoy convenient, fast and safe battery replacement. electric service. It not only saves the charging time of the user's electric vehicle, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. The battery exchange cabinet can solve the problem of slow charging efficiency of electric vehicles for riders. You only need to scan with your mobile phone to replace the batteries that have been charged in advance with the dead batteries in the battery exchange cabinet. It takes 1 minute Then you can get back on the road. If the battery power is exhausted again, you can open the APP to find the nearest smart power exchange cabinet, return it or rent it again. This seamless battery replacement method makes users no longer need to worry about charging electric vehicles. The power exchange cabinet will replace the traditional electric vehicle“charging waiting”Patterns evolve into emerging“battery replacement”mode, which helps electric vehicles to have a worry-free battery life. It not only avoids the fire hazards caused by electric vehicle charging, but also brings an easier and more convenient travel experience to electric vehicle riders. Its popularization in cities benefits not only the shuttle on the street alley“Delivery Army”, and more will be the general public users. In the past, when an electric vehicle ran out of power, people's first reaction was to charge the electric vehicle. However, this traditional charging method not only requires a long waiting time for charging, but also has irregular charging and potential safety hazards. However, the emergence of the power exchange cabinet has changed the way of energy supply, from fixed location charging to direct battery exchange, no longer waiting for the battery to run out of power, affecting work, and improving efficiency and ensuring safety.


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