What are the classifications of the advantages of using charging piles in residential areas-evcome


The utilization rate of residential charging piles in the market is very high, because there are many electric vehicles on the market, charging electric vehicles is a very troublesome problem, however, the appearance of charging piles in residential areas has solved this problem well, it not only charges Pile manufacturers can store electric vehicles in a centralized manner, and can also manage and charge electric vehicles. The factory system setting of the intelligent controller is to identify one-yuan coins (the model using substitute coins can be customized according to customer requirements, and can realize dual-use of coin-operated and swiping cards), the counterfeit currency recognition rate can reach 99.7%, and the intelligent controller has twelve Power output port, each channel has an independent display window and control buttons, after the user enters coins (or swipes the card), presses one of the control buttons of the new energy charging pile manufacturer, the intelligent controller will supply power to the channel socket corresponding to the button , and display the working status of each channel through its corresponding display window. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to use. It aims to thoroughly solve the charging problems of electric vehicle owners and electric vehicle managers. The following electric vehicle charging piles can answer common faults when charging electric vehicles: The battery cannot be charged or is insufficiently charged: the battery is disconnected or the fuse is blown, replace the fuse, the charger has no output voltage or the output voltage is low, replace or repair the charger, the indicator light of the charger is abnormal and causes false full, replace or repair The charger, the charger is in poor contact with the 220V power supply, and then the car charging pile is connected to the power supply for the first time. If the battery has problems or its service life has expired, replace or repair the battery. The motor stops: the battery is undervoltage, the power is insufficient, charge the battery, the battery connector is in poor contact, adjust the connector position or replace the pure electric vehicle charging pile connector, the fuse is in poor contact, replace the fuse. With the increasing number of electric vehicles, the popularity of charging piles has become an inevitable trend. Perhaps for most of our ordinary people, charging piles are just a kind of electric vehicle charging tools that charging pile solutions generally refer to. In fact, the Charging piles can be divided into different types according to different classification conditions. The wall-mounted type needs to be fixed on the wall or a square steel shelf for use. It is suitable for the underground charging pile OEM parking lot in the community or the indoor parking lot in the community. The vertical charging pile is relatively unrestricted and does not need to be against the wall or other fixed places. In places, it is more suitable for open residential parking spaces or outdoor parking spaces. The mobile charging pile is more convenient to customize, can be promoted and used, and is more flexible. The AC charging pile itself cannot directly charge the electric vehicle. It needs to be connected to the AC power supply to realize charging. The charging pile is only equivalent to a larger charging pile ODM charger, which provides power output. The charging speed of this kind of AC charging pile is average. It is relatively slow and takes 8-10 hours. As for the DC charging pile, the installation site is basically the same as the AC charging pile. Sometimes in the same place, two kinds of charging piles will be installed at the same time according to different needs. This kind of DC charging pile can be used as a direct power supply to directly charge electric vehicles. Output The current and voltage are relatively large, so the general charging is relatively fast, it takes about 2-3 hours, and the charging pile is OEM.


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