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Wall-mounted charging piles are divided into AC slow charging and DC fast charging, using embedded control technology, with multiple billing methods and intelligent management to meet the new national charging standards, with over-current protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, emergency shutdown and other functions. The wall-mounted charging pile has a small appearance and is suitable for wall-mounted installation in fixed buildings such as narrow spaces and surrounding walls. It is used in parking lots and auxiliary charging occasions for car companies. 1. Functional characteristics of wall-mounted charging piles: 1. Module body sleep technology and wheel movement technology to ensure high-efficiency operation of the system; 2. High-frequency switching power supply module, high execution efficiency; 3. Digital current sharing technology, which effectively improves the accuracy of current sharing and anti-interference; 4. Using a new high-efficiency three-phase APFC circuit topology, the power factor is greater than 0.99, and the harmonic distortion rate is low≤5%; 5. Intelligent charging process control and perfect charging process monitoring and protection, fool-like operation; 6. There are multiple charging methods such as timing charging, fixed-mile charging, fixed-amount charging and automatic charging; 7. , Real-time display of charging distance, charging time, current electricity price, charging price and other information and operating status; 8. RS-485 networking communication interface can be reserved, and optional GPRS networking mode is provided; 9. Module hot swap technology to make maintenance easier. 2. Main functions of wall-mounted charging piles: 1. Suitable for off-vehicle high-power fast and medium-speed DC charging of electric cars, taxis, engineering vehicles, etc.; 2. Adopting the structure of an integrated charger, mainly DC charging piles, DC charging piles It is composed of link cables and charging connectors between the battery and electric vehicles. The charging pile is composed of a charging module and a charging main monitor. The main monitor realizes the functions of electric vehicle charging management, billing and corresponding battery status detection; 3. The charging method is divided into two types: automatic setting method and manual setting method . Automatic setting method: During the charging process, the charger dynamically adjusts the charging parameters according to the data provided by the BMS, performs corresponding actions, and completes the charging process. Manual setting method: the operator sets the parameters such as charging mode, charging voltage, and charging current. Perform corresponding operations according to the set parameters to complete the charging process; 4. It has the function of communicating with the BMS through CAN to judge the battery type, obtain the power battery system parameters, charging money and the state parameters of the power battery during the charging process; through Ethernet communicates with the background monitoring system of the charging station, uploads information such as the working status, working parameters, and fault alarms of the charger and power battery, and accepts the control commands of the monitoring system to perform remote control actions; 5. Can judge the charging machine and charging cable Is it linked correctly. When the charging connector is correctly connected with the battery system of the electric vehicle, the charger is allowed to start the charging process; when the charger detects that the connection with the battery system of the electric vehicle is abnormal, it can immediately stop charging and send out an alarm message; 6. Provide low-voltage auxiliary power supply for electric vehicles, which is used to supply power to BMS of electric vehicles during recharging; 7. With insulation detection function, the output will be automatically turned off when the insulation is reduced to ensure charging safety.


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