Top ten rankings of electric bicycle charging piles


Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

Top 10 Rankings of Electric Bicycle Charging Pile Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. focuses on electric vehicle intelligent charging pile technology, has a number of self-developed core technology patents, has a professional R&D team, serves nearly 3000+ community properties, supports oem customization, and meets Residents' charging needs can improve the service level of the property and increase the income of the property! Charging piles now have investment and operation, enterprise investment and operation (often sold in conjunction with electric bicycles/electric vehicles), mixed mode (participate in support, enterprises are responsible for construction), crowdfunding mode (integration, enterprises, and social forces to jointly build and operate charging piles) Construction) and other four operation and maintenance models, but these four models have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the enterprise-led model has the advantage of sufficient funds and high efficiency of operation and management, but lack of unified management is prone to disorderly development. Now, electric bicycle charging piles are more and more accepted by the public. After all, everyone has begun to realize that charging safety is becoming more and more important. Many residential areas have them. Electric bicycle charging piles are very effective in ensuring charging safety. The main features are self-power off when fully charged, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, and overload protection. Product features of electric bicycle charging piles: 1. Electric bicycle charging piles meet charging needs. Single-way and double-way charging stations (pile), 10-way charging stations (pile), 20-way charging stations (pile), all-round series of charging systems, suitable for charging Various needs, independent development of software and hardware, safe and intelligent detection platform, providing electric bicycle intelligent charging solutions and platform operations for properties, community operators, governments, factories, businesses, schools, etc. 2. Electric bicycle charging piles are non-coin-operated for users, no need to prepare change at all times, scan the code to charge, Alipay WeChat payment (2) swipe the card to charge, the whole process of voice prompts, the elderly can also use it, and the mobile phone is remotely controlled to power off. Charge as long as you want (3) Automatically cut off power when fully charged, and stop billing, high-power multi-channel charging, can meet more users and models (4) Search for nearby power stations, there is power to charge anytime, anywhere, abnormal situation information push 3. Electric bicycle charging piles for operators (1) One-time investment, long-term benefits, return funds from card sales, and quick payback (2) Alipay and WeChat payment to ensure fund security, users consume online, and charging revenue is credited in real time ( 3) Operator management system, mobile phone, computer control at any time, remote control of the power station, no need for on-site supervision (4) Self-service pricing, free setting according to time, power, monthly subscription, transaction and charging records can be queried in real time.


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