Three charging methods are required to be provided for the setting of car charging piles in the community-evcome


The so-called fast-charging electric vehicle charging pile is the same in nature as the fuel dispenser in the gas station. It has its own screen to display the charging amount, cost, time and other information. There are two types of floor-mounted and wall-mounted. It can also be charged quickly, and is generally put in parks, university towns, airports and other places. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and electric vehicles in cities, the scope is wider. The location selection of the charging pile setting requirements for the ranking of the car charging pile manufacturers in the community:. 1. A safe distance should be ensured between the electric vehicle and the car charging pile: when the car charging pile is installed on the side of the car and does not hinder the opening of the car door, the net distance between the outer contour of the charging pile (including the anti-collision facilities) of the car new energy charging pile manufacturer should not Less than 0.4m, when the door is prevented from opening, the net distance between the outer contour of the car charging pile (including the anti-collision facilities) and the electric car should not be less than 0.6m. 2. When the vehicle charging pile in the residential area is installed at the rear of the vehicle, the net distance between the outline of the vehicle charging pile (including the anti-collision facilities) and the electric vehicle should not be less than 0.5m.”At present, construction professional car charging pile manufacturers usually design garage parking spaces with a width of 2.4~2.5m and a length of 5.5~6m. Generally, the width of an electric passenger car is about 1.8m, and the length of the car is less than 2.5m. It can be seen that it is difficult to meet the requirements of the regulations if charging facilities are installed on the side of the parking spaces of ordinary car charging piles. The electric vehicle charging pile is set as a slow charging pile parking space, and a wall-mounted slow charging pile is installed at the rear of the vehicle. The charging station provides three charging methods: . 1. Ordinary charging, that is, regular charging or slow charging. Charging pile solution This method is mostly AC charging, which is mainly completed by the charging pile. An on-board charger connected to a 220V or 380V AC power supply is provided externally, and the on-board charger charges the foundry battery of the power electric charging pile. Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles mostly use this method. 2. High-current fast charging, that is, fast charging, requires the construction of a fast charging machine. In this way, the charging pile is mainly customized by the ground charging machine at the charging station. It directly charges the on-board battery without going through the on-board charger. Electric vehicles only need to provide Charging and related communication interfaces, the charging pile ODM can be charged to 50% to 80% within 20-30 minutes, no need to be fully charged, just meet the battery life needs. 3. Battery replacement. This method is faster and more convenient. You only need to remove all the power battery modules of the electric vehicle and replace them with a fully charged battery pack of the same type. Since it involves charging, storage, maintenance and replacement of the battery modules, etc. , so the construction standards for charging stations are higher, charging pile OEM.


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