There is a certain difference between the new energy vehicle high voltage line and the ordinary car cable

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There are certain differences between the high-voltage lines of new energy vehicles and ordinary automotive cables, mainly because the use environment has changed a lot. 1. High voltage and high current (vehicle) can reach 600/300A, but the battery voltage of traditional fuel vehicles is usually 12V, and the withstand voltage level of the corresponding wire is less than 60V. 2. Large wire diameter, large number of cables (vehicle) high-voltage battery frequency conversion transformer / low-voltage battery / air-conditioning compressor / electric heating / power distribution unit, many electrical structures are connected by cables, and huge cables are arranged in a limited space. 3. The cables in the exposed space (other than the vehicle) of the charging gun part are in the exposed space for a long time, with weather resistance, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, and tear resistance……There are strict requirements. Due to the characteristics of high-voltage/high-current and large-diameter wires in the vehicle, the design of the wiring harness faces challenges such as wiring, safety, shielding, weight and cost. 1. Wiring The layout requirements of the high-voltage wires of new energy vehicles are as follows: (1) In static load, the outer diameter of the wire is 4 times of the small radius of gyration (2) In dynamic load, the outer diameter of the wire is 8 times of the small radius of gyration (3) The distance between the high and low voltage wires is less than 100 mm (4) The distance from the end of the high-voltage connection line to the initial fixed point is less than 100 mm, and the distance between adjacent fixed points is generally less than 150-200 mm (5) The high-voltage wire harness should be arranged as much as possible In the bottom of the vehicle (6) wires, choose tough wires such as silicone rubber wires and flexible cross-linked polyolefin wires. 2. Safety, high voltage and high current. A point to consider. (1) The wire option adopts high-voltage wire 600V900V (AC) with high wall thickness wire, wall thickness 0.6mm-1.1mm heat-resistant cord, heat resistance above 150 degrees: silicone rubber cord, cross-linked polyethylene cross-linked polyolefin material with excellent flame retardant effect. (2) Sealing In order to cooperate with high-voltage connectors, the seals are waterproof and dustproof (IP67, IP69K), and the wires are required to have dimensional stability, good roundness, and aging performance. 3. The reason why the shield high-voltage wire harness needs electromagnetic shielding is the electromagnetic field noise caused by high voltage and large AC current, and the electromagnetic interference caused by the rapid power-on and cut-off of electrical components.


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