The use of DC charging piles and the management of parking spaces-evcome


Some people who are not familiar with electric vehicles may not know that charging piles are divided into DC fast charging and communication slow charging, so it is still necessary to popularize the difference between the two types of charging charging pile manufacturers for electric vehicles before experiencing it. , pure electric vehicles are generally equipped with two charging ports, slow charging and fast charging. Slow charging mode, so there is only one charging port. The slow charging interface corresponds to the charging interface of the AC charging pile. The AC power of the grid is input into the slow charging interface of the electric vehicle new energy charging pile manufacturer, and the AC power is converted into DC through the charger inside the car, and then input into the battery to complete charging. , The fast charging interface corresponds to the charging interface of the DC charging pile, which converts the AC power of the charging pile manufacturer of the grid into DC power. If it is a new user, if you want to directly distinguish between fast charging piles and slow charging piles, car charging pile manufacturers can distinguish them through the charging line, and fast charging The line will be much thicker and stronger, which is suitable for the daily travel of electric vehicle owners. DC fast charging pile is a very important energy supplement equipment. It can meet some temporary and emergency charging needs of car charging piles, and high-power charging is its key supporting technology. High-power charging technology can realize"Charge for 10-15 minutes, and the battery life is 300 kilometers"The pure electric vehicle charging pile makes the charging time close to the refueling speed. The management method of car charging pile parking spaces, the number of new energy vehicle charging piles is increasing, but it is still difficult for electric vehicle owners to find solutions for new energy charging piles. The management of parking spaces is not yet in place. Fuel vehicles still freely occupy the parking spaces of new energy vehicle charging piles. The charging piles are found in some provinces and cities. The position proposes to optimize on-site management, and to customize the management of parking and charging piles for new energy vehicle charging piles with electronic intelligent monitoring. Such an implementation method requires a more complete operation method for new energy vehicle charging piles. Many new energy vehicle charging pile parking spaces have adopted the method of charging parking space charging pile ODM fees. As long as you park in the new energy vehicle charging pile parking space, you will have to charge additional parking fees. Although this makes fuel vehicles dare not occupy new energy vehicles at will Charging pile parking spaces, but this kind of indiscriminate charging greatly increases the charging cost of electric vehicles. Many electric vehicle owners are unwilling to come to charge. This result is not what the initial management of new energy vehicle charging pile parking spaces wants. OEM.


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