The significance of the popularity of community charging piles and how to deal with power limitations-evcome


In the context of the global energy crisis and serious environmental crisis, the Chinese government is actively promoting the application and development of new energy vehicles. Charging/swapping stations, as an important infrastructure for electric vehicles, have very important social and economic benefits. In terms of benefits, there are trams everywhere in the community. In this case, the demand for charging piles in the community is still the highest among charging pile manufacturers. Advantage 1: Community charging piles solve the problem of charging difficulties for high-rise owners of residential communities. Current status of electric vehicle charging in residential quarters: Owners charge electric vehicles for the purpose of new energy charging pile manufacturers, flying cables fall from their windows for long temporary power supplies, or take electric vehicles home to charge, and the product models of charging stations in residential quarters are diverse. Advantage 2: Community charging piles solve the unequal charging and charging of electric vehicles in residential quarters. At present, most residential quarters charge electric vehicle users in the residential quarters in the form of a monthly subscription card issued by car charging pile manufacturers, which makes customers with less charging dissatisfied. Charging, combined with car charging piles, actually solves this problem. Advantage 3: Community charging piles solve the problem of difficult management of electric vehicle parking by real estate owners. At present, most residential small pure electric vehicle charging pile areas force electric vehicle users in residential areas to refuse charging of electric vehicles upstairs, but it is difficult to fundamentally solve this problem. On the passage, it seriously hinders the safety of the fire exit. What to do about the power limit of the battery car charging pile. Some friends may find the problem of power limitation when using the battery car charging pile to charge their own electric charging pile OEM car. Just after connecting the socket, it prompts that the power is too high, charging fails and the fee is refunded. In fact, the power of the electric car is greater than that of charging. The single channel charging power of the charging pile is customized, and the charging pile power is small and cannot drive electric vehicles to charge. Most of the smart charging piles on the market are not compatible with all electric vehicles, so charging pile ODMs will find that electric vehicles cannot work beyond the charging pile power. For this reason, many manufacturers have charging piles suitable for low-power electric vehicles. There are also charging piles specially designed for charging old scooters and large three-wheeled and four-wheeled electric vehicles. The power of electric vehicles on the market is generally around 150W to 300W, and most of them are small electric vehicles around 150W-200W. The charging piles are OEM.


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