The difference between charging pile cables for new energy vehicles and traditional cables

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

The evcome cable makes light with the core. In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in China. More and more communities are also equipped with charging piles. A very important part of the charging pile is the charging pile cable. Two years ago, with the strong support of national policies, new energy vehicles developed rapidly, and charging piles became more and more widespread. Charging piles are divided into fast charging and slow charging. The so-called fast charging is a DC charging pile with adjustable DC output. To charge the battery of electric vehicles, slow charging is an AC charging pile, which can only provide power output and cannot be charged. Virtually connect an external motor to charge the electric vehicle. After introducing the concept of charging pile, let's talk about the very important charging pile cable. The industry requirements for charging pile cables are very high. In addition to the basic performance of insulation and flame retardancy, the hardness of the cable should not be too high or too low. Due to the need for frequent bending, the softness and hardness should be moderate, and the selection of the insulation layer sheath material of the charging pile cable should also have a certain degree of elasticity. Oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical resistance, low temperature resistance and other requirements. With such high requirements, the material that meets the material is a key factor in production. At present, domestic manufacturers specializing in the field of charging piles can produce charging pile cables that meet the requirements. It is difficult for cable manufacturers in other non-professional fields to produce qualified charging pile cables. So, what is the difference between charging pile cables and ordinary cables? Why are the technical requirements so high? Compared with ordinary cables, charging pile cables have four major advantages: 1. Good safety. Due to the high requirements for charging pile cables, compared with ordinary cables, the material quality of charging pile cables is better, and the production process is stricter and more standardized, which reduces the risk of failure and is safer when put into use. 2. Strong applicability. Charging pile cables have high conductivity, can adapt to different currents, and can be put into use in more occasions, such as indoor and outdoor charging piles, and the currents are often different, so cables with high adaptability are required. 3. Strong durability. The charging pile cable has strong corrosion resistance and has a longer service life than ordinary cables. Generally speaking, the life cycle of charging pile cables is two to three times that of ordinary cables. 4. Good energy saving effect. Due to the better quality materials used, the electrical resistance of the charging pile cable is also low, so it is more energy efficient. .


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