The current problems faced by car charging piles and the address is very important-evcome


As my country's new energy policy gets better and better, the number of new energy vehicles will increase. While the number of new energy vehicles is growing explosively, the charging piles of electric vehicle charging pile manufacturers, as supporting facilities for the development of electric vehicles, have lagged far behind the development of new energy vehicles and have become one of the bottlenecks for the faster development of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the ranking of charging pile manufacturers is based on the 1:1 standard configuration of new energy vehicles and charging piles. There is a huge gap in charging infrastructure, and the imperfect charging facilities will inevitably greatly reduce consumers' enthusiasm for purchasing new energy charging pile manufacturers. 1. The power socket of the AC charging pile must match the AC power plug of the charger. 2. The voltage of the AC charging pile should be stable, and the change should not exceed the range of 220v10% of the charging pile manufacturer. 3. The charging operation sequence of the charging pile is: first turn on the power lock switch of the vehicle, then connect the charging plug with the socket of the car charging pile manufacturer on the body, and then connect the power plug with the mains socket. Why is the utilization rate of charging pile parking spaces in the community low? First of all, because of the occupation of non-electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging pile vehicles cannot be parked next to the charging piles in the community for charging. Not only that, the construction locations of charging piles in many public communities are relatively remote, and many electric vehicles Car owners can't find a place for pure electric vehicle charging piles at all, and many electric taxis and electric engineering vehicles will have special charging stations, so there is no need to go to public areas outside to find charging piles. In remote areas, the charging pile solution does not need to build community charging piles, but in the current tense charging environment in my country, charging pile resources in residential areas should be prioritized for use in charging shortage areas. The new charging pile OEM energy vehicle charging pile industry is one of the emerging industries. In order to promote the development of the entire community charging pile market, incentives and subsidy policies have been introduced in various places. Electric vehicle charging pile customization is an important part of new energy vehicles, including pure Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles have developed by leaps and bounds in just a few years. In order to accelerate the development of the new charging pile ODM energy vehicle charging pile industry, it can not only alleviate the pressure on energy and the environment, but also improve the level of independent technology and realize The upgrading, transformation, change and innovation of industrialization have accelerated the integration and catching up of the world auto industry. Although new energy charging piles are developing in a straight line and meeting the actual needs of many users, they are also facing some important challenges. Charging pile OEM .


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