The biggest "obstruction" of installing charging piles

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

Buying a car is easy, but installing charging piles in your own parking space is not easy, and the biggest obstacle to installing charging piles is community property. The reasons why many residential properties obstruct or even explicitly refuse to install household charging piles are mostly unreasonable. The summary points are as follows: 1. The property owners refuse to install them on the grounds of being unable to install the site and insufficient power conditions: First of all, it needs to be clarified that the site and power conditions (Insufficient capacitance) is not determined by the property owner. Before installing the charging pile, the charging pile service provider and the staff of the State Grid will survey the installation parking space to confirm whether it meets the installation standards. 2. The property management company refused to install it on the grounds of potential safety hazards and affecting the operation of the power system: charging piles are equipped with one meter and one meter and are equipped with protective measures. Whether it will affect the power system can only be determined according to the investigation of the relevant power department. As for the responsibility in case of an accident, it is also necessary to determine the responsibility for the accident according to the fire department. In addition, it can also be submitted before installation.“Charging Pile Safety Commitment Letter”of. 3. The property management refuses to install it on the grounds that the parking lot is a public area of ​​the owner, etc.: According to the National Development and Reform Energy Document of the Fourth Ministry of the State, for the construction of charging infrastructure or requirements for occupying fixed parking spaces and long-term leased parking spaces, the owners’ committee or property management In principle, they should agree and provide necessary assistance. Of course, whether charging piles can be installed requires a comprehensive assessment based on the community's infrastructure construction and power load. If the relevant department confirms that it does not meet the conditions, the owner cannot install the charging pile at will. After all, safety comes first! The best way is to have a good communication with the property owner, and solve any problems. If the communication fails, you can try to ask the manufacturer's docking specialist to negotiate and communicate together. If the community meets the installation conditions, but the property management still refuses to install it, you can contact the community, the street office, and the property management office of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau for coordination. You can even call the mayor hotline 12345 to file a complaint, or you can file a lawsuit. According to the national policy, in principle, the property must give a written reply within 5 working days after the owner submits the application. If you do not agree with the installation, you can ask the property management office to ask the community property to provide a written statement of disapproval. Because the lawsuit does not come with financial compensation, the lawsuit does not cost much. If the conditions are not met, it is not necessary to install, but if the conditions are met, the property cannot infringe the rights and interests of the owners! Of course, these are also ways that the car owner has no choice. The state issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for Residents" (red head document), which is also advocating standards and not mandatory. At present, the domestic new energy vehicle market has accounted for 45% of the global new energy market. With such a huge scale, there is no complete standard for the infrastructure construction of the supporting charging piles, and it is obvious that the policy lags behind the market. As a new energy that the country is vigorously promoting, it is hoped that the relevant national departments will speed up multi-party coordination, standardize infrastructure construction, and provide charging guarantee for car owners and users. With the development of new energy vehicles and the country's advocacy of electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction, most car companies provide free home charging pile services, and most new forces provide their own charging piles, while some car companies It is the third-party charging pile (evcome, etc.) provided. Whether it is consumer rights, or installation services and costs, the new car forces appear to be more sincere. The number of pure electric vehicles is increasing. At present, users who install home charging piles can be seen in many residential areas. A few years ago, when pure electric vehicles were not very popular, properties often did not allow users to install charging piles, but now I believe that many properties are not surprised. evcome (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the development and production of new energy charging pile cables. The main products include: new energy vehicle cables, new energy power exchange cabinet cables, new energy vehicle ev cables, ev charging pile cables, charging piles Cables, energy storage cables, signal lines, drive lines, module lines and other products. With advanced production technology, the product has good flame retardancy, high electrical conductivity, safety and energy saving, and helps new energy charging piles achieve breakthrough fast charging. .


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