The benefits of installing community charging stations and installation requirements

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Electric vehicle charging is the key content of community management. How to ensure the convenience of electric vehicle charging for residents and the safety of electric vehicle charging is the main direction of community management. Currently, community charging stations are being used as a solution in major cities Outlaw of the household“private talk”, What are the benefits of installing community charging stations? The following evcome editor will introduce the specific benefits and installation requirements of the charging station for your reference. The benefits of installing a community charging station 1. It is convenient to charge electric vehicles in the community After the station, one charging station can drive 10 charging ports, one port can serve one electric vehicle, and 100 electric vehicles only need to be equipped with 10 electric vehicle charging stations, which saves trouble, effort and worry, and can solve the problem of difficult charging of electric vehicles in the community. 2. Solve the problem of charging charges. If the residential property establishes a public electric vehicle charging power source for residents, then in order to balance the electricity bill, it is necessary to arrange special personnel to charge the charge. The labor cost will be too high, and there will be management problems. After the community charging station is installed, the charging time and single charging fee can be adjusted through the system according to the actual situation, and there is no need for a special person to guard the charge, which solves the problem of charging charges for the community property. 3. Put an end to private wires At present, many residents in the community basically pull a plug-in board from their own homes to charge their electric vehicles. This not only greatly increases the risk, but also seriously affects the image of the community. After installing the community charging station, it can be realized. Electric vehicle charging areas are divided, self-service fees are unified, electric vehicles are regularly placed for charging, property management is standardized, charging safety is improved, and property image is enhanced. 4. Improve charging safety The current charging stations in residential areas are basically equipped with high-quality current switches and internal current limiting devices. Once the charging current of electric vehicles is too high, the power will be automatically cut off. Moreover, once a short circuit or line problem occurs during the charging process, the charging device will automatically disconnect the power supply immediately to prevent the wire from catching fire, reduce the probability of the electric vehicle catching fire due to a short circuit, and improve the safety of electric vehicle charging. Community charging station installation requirements Although there are many benefits to installing a community charging station, it is not possible to install it in any location. After all, the community charging station is an electrical device, so it needs to meet certain installation requirements during installation, as follows: 1. Community charging The station should not be located in places with severe vibration or high temperature. 2. The community charging station should not be located in a dusty or corrosive gas place. When it cannot be far away, it should not be located on the downwind side of the pollution source. 3. Community charging stations should not be located in places with low-lying terrain and possible water accumulation. 4. As an important part of the medium and low voltage power distribution system, the charging station in the community should be selected in accordance with the current situation of the power distribution system. It should be as close as possible to the load center and meet the requirements of load balance, power quality and power supply reliability. 5. From the perspective of community residents, the community charging station should be selected in a place where the charging demand is relatively concentrated and convenient. 6. Vehicle limiters, anti-collision posts (fences) or anti-collision warning lights should be set around the charging station. 7. If there are buildings (structures) around the charging station, the combustion performance of its components, the fire resistance limit, and the fire distance between the buildings (structures) inside the station and the civil buildings (structures) outside the station should meet the requirements of Regulations. 8. The community charging station should be equipped with an emergency stop button for the main power supply, and the emergency stop button logo should be posted. 9. The drainage system near the charging station in the community should be kept unobstructed. 10. The community charging station should be installed at least 200mm above the ground. 11. When the centralized drainage conditions are not available around the charging station, the rainwater on the ground can be scattered and discharged outside the range of the charging station to ensure that there will be no danger of being submerged. The above are the benefits and installation requirements of installing community charging stations compiled by evcome Xiaobian for you. I hope it can be helpful to you. evcome (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacture of new energy charging pile cables, helping new energy charging piles achieve breakthrough fast charging. If you need cables, you can leave a message on our website, or call customer service for detailed consultation. .


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