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Split DC car charging pile manufacturer ranking Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. provides you with a variety of scene split DC car charging pile station overall solutions, split DC car charging pile research and development, production, sales one-stop service. There are many types of charging piles to choose from, such as electric bicycle charging piles, charging and swapping cabinets, DC advertising piles, AC advertising piles, integrated advertising piles, DC split charging piles, DC integrated charging piles, and AC/DC integrated piles. 1. Overview of split type DC car charging pile 360kw product: 1. It adopts a high-power power module platform with nuclear safety level, which has higher safety and reliability; 2. It adopts a new high-efficiency three-phase PFC circuit topology, and its power factor is greater than 0.99. low wave distortion≤5%; 3. Advanced digital current sharing technology, which effectively improves current sharing accuracy and anti-interference; 4. The first module sleep technology and wheeling technology to ensure high-efficiency operation of the system; 5. Intelligent charging process control and improvement The monitoring and protection of the charging process, fool-like operation; 6. There are multiple charging methods such as timing charging, quantitative charging, fixed amount charging and automatic full charging; 7. Real-time display of the charged amount, charging time, current electricity price, charging Price and other information and operating status; 8. RS-485 networking communication interface can be reserved, and optional GPRS networking mode is provided; 9. Module hot-swappable technology makes maintenance more convenient; 10. High-frequency switching power supply module The full-bridge phase-shifting soft switching technology is adopted, and the execution efficiency is high. 2. Protection function of split type DC car charging pile 360kw 1. The input and output of the charger are electrically isolated; 2. The output has a device to prevent the battery pack from charging the output filter capacitor of the charger, preventing the output of the charger from appearing when the battery pack is connected. Instantaneous high current; 3. The withstand voltage level, insulation level, and EMC of the charger comply with the relevant regulations of the international "GB_T 20234.3-2011 Connecting Device for Conductive Charging of Electric Vehicles"; Relevant requirements of NB/T 33001-2010 "Technical Conditions for Electric Vehicle Off-Board Conductive Charging Pile", and design with reference to some functions of "Typical Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities". The product is fully grid compliant. 3. Scope of split type DC car charging pile 360kw 1. DC charging pile is suitable for urban special charging stations (buses, taxis, official vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.); 2. Urban public charging stations (private cars, 3. Various public places with electric vehicle parking spaces, such as urban residential quarters, shopping plazas, and electric business places; 4. Intercity expressway charging stations and other occasions that require DC fast charging, especially suitable for venues Rapid deployment in constrained situations. 4. Split-type DC car charging pile 360kw basic parameters Rated power: 360KW User interface: 7-inch bright color touch screen Installation method: vertical wiring method: bottom in and bottom out±20% Input frequency: 45~65Hz Output voltage: 200-750V Output current range: normal constant 0-480A, constant power 0-900A Measurement accuracy: 0.5 level User interface: 7-inch LCD color display touch screen Installation method: vertical equipment size : 1580*450*271mm Input AC voltage: AC220V±20% Input frequency: 45~65Hz Input DC voltage: 200-750DC Output DC voltage: 200-750V Single gun output current: range 0-240A Number of charging guns: 8 guns.


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