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Shenzhen Lithium Battery Swap Cabinet Manufacturer Evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. Lithium Battery Swap Cabinet Based on“Internet of Things + Big Data + Cloud Services”The core technology of the company builds a service network for safe charging and convenient battery replacement. The device can solve the battery life problem in a short time and meet the needs of users who scan the code and use it immediately. Car users provide quality service. 1. Product introduction of lithium battery replacement cabinet: 1. Ten protections, extreme safety: overcharge protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, no-load protection, lightning protection, rain protection, fire protection, dust protection, protection, explosion protection. 2. Integrated charging and battery replacement, strong compatibility, high-efficiency conversion, port battery replacement, suitable for lithium battery jack charging, compatible with lead-acid batteries, to meet the needs of various types of users. 3. Intelligent management, efficient charging and replacement, intelligent battery identification, GPS positioning, intelligent anti-theft door lock, Bluetooth offline battery replacement, intelligent NFC induction battery replacement, the knight does not need to take out the mobile phone. 2. Product performance characteristics of the lithium battery swap cabinet: 1. The safety guarantee of the lithium battery swap cabinet is underwritten by the insurance company. 2. The lithium battery replacement cabinet is intelligent, and can be recharged by WeChat and paid by Alipay. 3. The equipment is safer, and the power will be automatically cut off in case of overload, short circuit, leakage and other abnormalities to protect personal safety; it will automatically stop when fully charged, environmental protection and energy saving, and protect the battery to prolong the service life of the battery. 4. Built-in current detection circuit, the system will automatically cut off the power supply of the outlet when overloaded with other electrical appliances. 5. Power-off memory function, after power-off and then on again, it can automatically start the charging state before power-off. 6. LED highlight display, easy to view, intelligent voice prompts throughout the process, convenient for humanized operation. 7. The product adopts modular design, which is easy to expand and the system works more stably; the imported microcomputer processor is used as the main control CPU, which has strong anti-interference ability. 8. The charging standard can be set freely, and the charging time can be adjusted from 10 to 999 minutes. 9. The monthly charging and charging time charging model, the use of pre-charged credit card consumption, is conducive to the return of investors' funds. 10. According to the charging power, the charging standard is automatically judged, and the billing is divided into sections, which is fair and reasonable; the balance is automatically returned, and the property and owner's rights are double guaranteed. 11. Real-time query and statistics of user charging information, fees, income, etc.; recharge cards can be reported lost, replaced, suspended, refunded, etc. 12. It can be controlled online, and the computer can monitor the usage of each terminal. 13. Unmanned management, eliminating fire hazards, avoiding random pulling of wires, preventing electric shock, safe and reliable.


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