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Shenzhen charging pile factory Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of charging piles, specializing in the production of electric bicycle charging piles, charging cabinets, AC charging piles, DC charging piles, DC low-voltage charging piles, DC split charging piles , DC integrated charging piles, AC and DC integrated charging piles and other types of charging piles, provide nationwide city-level charging pile operation system solutions, and contract super charging station construction services. The charging pile has a friendly interface, powerful configuration software, and rich communication interfaces. It can realize the functions of card swiping, charging, timing and quota automatic control, password control, printing output and so on. Scan the QR code on the charging pile, download or follow the official account, register and log in to use it. Insert the charging gun on the charging pile into the connection port of the electric vehicle, and be sure to insert it tightly. After plugging in the charging cable, after the electric vehicle is successfully connected to the charging pile, click the scan code or serial number on the screen of the mobile phone to charge. After charging, click to stop charging in the service account, then unplug the charging cable, and the charging is complete. There are also charging piles that are charged by swiping a card. Find the magnetic card induction area on the right side or above and below the display screen of the charging pile, and swipe the card to automatically charge. Charging piles are mainly divided into public charging piles, dedicated charging piles and private charging piles. Public charging piles are invested and built by institutions or charging pile service providers, and are open to all electric vehicles in the society; and private charging piles are mostly built by enterprises independently, serving internal employees or companies, such as parking lots in shopping malls; private charging piles It is installed in the personal domain, not open to the outside world, and limited to your own use. From the way of charging pile installation, it can be divided into vertical charging pile and wall-mounted charging pile. Vertical charging piles are mostly used for public charging piles, which are suitable for building in outdoor parking spaces and charging stations; while wall-mounted charging piles need to be fixed by walls, and are suitable for use in private parking spaces such as underground parking lots, which save space and Easy to charge.


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