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The official website of Shenzhen Charging Pile Co., Ltd. Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. is a charging pile manufacturer that supplies pure electric vehicle charging piles and smart charging piles for a long time. The charging piles are independently manufactured, with superb technology, quality assurance, and reasonable prices. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of high-end intelligent charging pile equipment, focusing on the overall solution of electric bicycle charging and swapping, the overall solution of pure electric vehicle charging and the background operation and management provider of automobile charging stations. 1. Procedures required for the installation of charging piles 1. Project filing management The construction of charging (replacing) power facilities implements a project-based filing management system. The construction unit shall go through the filing procedures with the development and reform department where the project is located, and provide unified charging (replacement) facility filing materials. The number of charging piles filed by an enterprise at a time is not less than 5, and the scale of construction land is not less than 150 square meters. The construction of charging (replacing) electricity facilities for personal use by residents does not need to be filed. 2. Telegram installation Residents install charging (replacing) electricity facilities in their own fixed parking spaces in the residential area. After the residents and the property management party reach an agreement, they can connect to the power supply system of the community, and they can also apply to the power supply department for telegraph installation. formalities. For non-resident charging (replacement) facilities to use electricity, the property right unit shall apply to the power supply department for the installation procedures. The cost of power expansion and other expenses caused by the connection of charging (replacing) facilities shall be borne by the property rights unit (individual). 3. Construction approval (1) If individuals build charging (replacing) facilities in their own parking garages and parking spaces, or in residential areas and units in existing parking spaces and parking lots, they do not need to apply for construction land planning permits and construction projects Planning permits, construction permits and land approval procedures. (2) The centralized charging (replacing) facilities for the supporting construction of public parking lots shall be planned and supplied in a unified manner with the land used for public parking lots, and land supply procedures shall no longer be handled separately. 2. Functional characteristics of charging pile 1. Adopt nuclear safety level high-power power module platform, high safety and reliability; 2. High-frequency switching power supply module adopts full-bridge phase-shifting soft switching technology, high efficiency; 3. Advanced digital current sharing technology , high current sharing accuracy, good anti-interference; 4. The first module dormancy technology and wheeling technology to ensure high-efficiency operation of the system; 5. Module hot-swappable technology, easy maintenance; 6. Intelligent charging process control and perfect Charging process monitoring and protection, fool-like operation; 7. There are multiple charging methods such as timing charging, quantitative charging, fixed amount charging and automatic full charging; 8. Real-time display of the charged amount, charging time, current electricity price, and charging price and other information and operating status; 9. The integrated charger can be directly installed outdoors. 3. Charging pile protection function 1. The input and output of the charger are electrically isolated; 2. The output has a device to prevent the battery pack from charging the output filter capacitor of the charger, preventing the output of the charger from appearing a momentary high current when the battery pack is connected; 3. , Charger withstand voltage level, insulation level, and EMC comply with the relevant regulations of the international "GB_T 20234.3-2011 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging Connection Device"; 4. The normal operating temperature range of charging is -20 degrees to 50 degrees.


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