Shanghai charging pile installation


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Shanghai charging pile installation can directly call 15919794865 to consult Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd., one of the top ten charging pile brands, specializing in providing overall solutions for charging piles in various scenarios, and one-stop integration of charging pile research and development, production, sales, installation, service and operation Sexual high-tech enterprises. ISO quality management system, strict factory inspection, guarantee the stability of each charging pile product, intelligent background management system, unified management of charging piles in Shanghai. For now, there are two main ways to charge electric vehicles: one is to use public charging piles, and the other is to charge at home. The installation of charging facilities by private users in Shanghai needs to meet two conditions: a fixed parking space and the consent of the property owner to install them. After meeting the above conditions, the car owner still needs to coordinate with many relevant departments, such as electric power, fire protection, construction technology departments, etc. After the application is approved, a professional installation company can be responsible for the installation. Professional installation companies usually come to inspect and evaluate the parking spaces, formulate a construction plan, and then choose a date for installation. After installation, the power supply company needs to check and accept, and the car owner also needs to go to the power supply company to apply for a separate electric card. After the power supply company passes the inspection and acceptance, the charging pile can be used. The installation cost of charging piles in Shanghai will be affected by the following three factors: 1. Different charging pile products purchased will have different installation costs. 2. The installation cost will be different depending on the construction site. 3. Depending on the number of installed products, the cost is also different. In addition, Shanghai charging pile installation needs to submit materials, as follows: 1. Self-use charging pile electricity application report; 2. Car purchase contract 3. Car purchase invoice; 4. House property right certificate 5. Household registration book; 6. Customer ID card 7. Certificate of use of fixed parking spaces (issued by the property); 8. Letter of consent for the installation of charging piles in fixed parking spaces (issued by the property). Both original and photocopies are required.


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