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Shanghai charging pile manufacturer evcome New Energy has 10 years of experience in charging pile production, a 30,000-square-meter charging pile production base, providing overall solutions for various charging piles such as automobiles/buses/real estate and odm/oem, integrating production, sales and research of charging piles, and ISO quality management. System, strict factory inspection, guarantee the stability of each charging pile product, intelligent background management system. A few days ago, the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on April 1 of the "Shanghai Interim Measures for Promoting the Interconnection and Orderly Development of Electric Vehicle Charging (Swapping) Facilities". The content shows that from May 1, 2020, Shanghai will implement The new charging pile subsidy policy is valid until December 31, 2021. The first is to support the construction of charging piles in residential areas. The specific measures are as follows: 1. Support the construction of smart charging piles in residential areas. Encourage the existing charging piles in residential areas to carry out intelligent transformation by installing energy routers, etc., and give financial subsidies according to the standard of 200 yuan per pile. 2. Support the sharing transformation of self (dedicated) charging piles. Subsidies will be given to properties that support the shared transformation of self-use (dedicated) piles. The subsidy standard is 500 yuan per pile, and the charging company will apply for it on its behalf. 3. Support the shared operation of self-use (dedicated) charging piles. For the self-use (dedicated) charging piles operated and managed by the platform enterprises that are included in the catalog management, the shared power that they provide public services to the outside world can enjoy the operation subsidy. 4. Support the construction of charging pile demonstration communities. The construction period of the charging demonstration community is 3 years (2020-2022), and the goal is to build 10 demonstration communities in the city every year. As of the end of 2019, there were more than 270,000 charging (replacing) facilities in Shanghai, which is not far behind the number of new energy vehicles (more than 300,000), leading the country with a vehicle-to-pile ratio of 3.4:1. Judging from the various measures released this time, Shanghai will devote itself to overcoming the“It is difficult for citizens to charge”and“Difficult to charge taxis”These two big problems.


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