Select car charging pile manufacturers to pay attention to and coordinate the development direction-evcome


For car charging piles, many people may not know what a car charging pile is. The description of car charging piles can be summarized in one sentence. Car charging piles are actually equivalent to charging pile manufacturers and car gas stations. It is a device that stores electricity after the battery of the car is exhausted. Just like a gas station on the roadside, the charging pile of the car can also be installed by itself, but the ranking of charging pile manufacturers is that everyone needs to pay attention to it. When choosing a charging pile for a car, there are the following issues to pay attention to. Whether the production process is advanced Advanced process can produce high-quality, high-water, flat charging pile products, so choosing a car charging pile manufacturer must understand its specific processing technology, including the raw materials used in the production process Or the basis of parts and assembly inspection technology and other charging pile manufacturers, a good production process can promote the stable performance of the charging pile during use. Second, the charging speed of charging piles. When users use electric vehicles outside, they hope to get the charging speed as fast as lightning from the car charging pile manufacturers. Therefore, the charging speed of charging piles is a factor that users care about. To shorten the time for customers to wait for charging, improve the user's charging experience and not delay the use of car charging piles, so it is necessary to choose the products of car charging pile manufacturers with advanced intelligent technology, high safety and fast charging speed. Third, the length of the manufacturer’s warranty period. When choosing a car charging pile manufacturer, you should also pay attention to the length of the manufacturer’s warranty period for the pure electric vehicle charging pile equipment. Regular manufacturers will have a certain warranty period for charging pile products, so users should pay attention to understanding when choosing manufacturers. The length of the warranty period provided by the charging pile can be directly related to the user's security after installation and use of the charging pile solution, and the implementation of professional maintenance measures. The current electric vehicle charging pile market is facing multiple difficulties such as the difficulty in handling old electric vehicle charging piles, and the slowdown in the construction of new charging pile OEM electric vehicle charging piles. However, the country still attaches great importance to the development of electric vehicle charging pile construction, and in Z The recent 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China repeatedly emphasized the determination to develop a customized energy market for new charging piles. Among them, the construction of electric vehicle charging piles plays an important role in promoting the transformation of the national energy structure and will continue to receive attention and strong support. Electric vehicle charging pile ODM electric pile enterprises began to actively seek new development directions, and strengthened the connection with new energy vehicle enterprises, parking lots, property departments, car rental enterprises and power departments, from the perspective of ordinary electric vehicle private car owners The operation mode has shifted to face the change of operation and service awareness of the electric vehicle group, which has greatly improved the ability to guarantee the charging demand of electric buses in the public transportation system, and the charging pile OEM.


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