Parking charging pile installation


Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

The installation of parking charging piles requires certain conditions, such as: 1. Is there a parking space purchased by myself, and whether the parking lot has the installation conditions? 2. Does the property owner agree to personal installation, and what procedures need to be prepared? 3. As for the line problem, where does the power come from, how long does the line need to go, can the transformer load bear, and how to deal with this problem? What materials need to be declared by the State Grid? For the installation of charging piles, the state currently encourages and supports them, and even introduces a lot of preferential policies. The application for private charging piles requires the community property to apply for registration. After the community property agrees, it will apply to the power supply company for installation. So, how to install charging piles in your own parking spaces in the community, and what requirements do you need to meet? 1. Confirm the charging conditions. The first step is also the most critical step. It is necessary to clarify whether there is a fixed parking space in the community and whether the property management agrees to install charging piles. 2. Applying for a power supply plan After signing a car purchase contract, you can apply to the power supply company in your area by yourself or by entrusting a 4S shop to apply for installation by telegram. After the power supply company gives a reply to the power supply plan, you can go to the power supply company to go through the formalities within the validity period. 3. After the installation and construction power supply plan is confirmed, the construction of charging facilities can be carried out. It should be noted that the model of the charging pile must meet the national requirements, and pay attention to the selection of charging equipment suitable for your own electric vehicle. 4. Application for acceptance After the installation and construction of the charging pile is completed, an application for acceptance can be submitted to the power supply company. After the acceptance is passed, the power supply company can complete the work of meter installation and connection, and then it can be charged naturally.


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