Operational advantages of community smart charging stations and benefits of battery car charging stations-evcome


As you can see everywhere, community charging stations have been widely used in today's life. These intelligent and economical charging stations have brought great convenience to the owners, and at the same time eliminated some existing charging pile manufacturers. . Hidden dangers, after all, if the owner pulls the wire to charge himself, there may be a risk of wire aging and short circuit causing a fire. Community charging station manufacturers provide community owners with convenient charging stations. In fact, the ranking of charging pile manufacturers has told you before that community charging stations are generally divided into two types, intelligent charging stations and economical charging stations. The charger of the smart charging station in the community has the function of automatically identifying the charger plug-in. It is not the charger that cannot use the socket of the new energy charging pile manufacturer, thereby preventing the use of other illegal electrical appliances. The coin-operated and card-swiping charging station in the community is an economical charging station. , As long as you insert coins or swipe your card, you can use any electrical appliance, regardless of the power, it can be used by the manufacturer of the charging pile. In terms of operation mode, the smart charging station in the community only needs to swipe the card, and the socket number used by the user is automatically recognized. Even if the wrong choice is made, the power supply can be terminated by swiping the card again. In addition to currency or credit card, you also need to pass“button”To select the socket number used, how many sockets there are, and how many buttons are used. Once the wrong selection is made, it cannot be stopped. The battery car has become a common means of transportation for many people. It is not only convenient, but also the price of most electric cars is not high. In addition, because the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, there are more and more people At the beginning of choosing battery cars for travel, when charging piles for pure electric vehicles, many communities have begun to install battery car charging stations. 1. It is convenient for residents. Community electric vehicle charging station solves the problem of difficult charging of owners' electric vehicles. After installing a charging station, the owner only needs to park the car at the electric vehicle charging pile solution power station and operate and charge according to the instructions. The popularity of electric vehicle charging stations not only solves the problem of community charging It is also of special significance to solve urban congestion and promote environmental protection. 2. High security. The installation of charging piles to manufacture electric vehicle charging piles in the residential area solves the safety problem for the owners because of the user's private cable charging, reduces the accidents caused by electric vehicle charging, and brings hidden dangers to the personal safety of other owners in the community. Charging for the property Customized piles, installed community electric vehicle charging piles, and at the same time reduced the property loss of electric vehicle owners. Since electric vehicles are parked in a centralized manner, they are easy to manage and better prevent theft. 3. Protect electric vehicles. The charging pile ODM electric vehicle charging station also has the function of automatic stop when it is fully charged, which can prevent overcharging. This is a basic requirement for an intelligent electric vehicle charging station. The product must have a power detection function, and the product must be able to effectively judge The charging power of the battery can be cut off immediately after the battery is fully charged. The other so-called automatic floating charge function after full charging is the last word. It is a kind of protection for the battery itself of the electric vehicle. The charging pile OEM.


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