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New energy vehicle charging pile manufacturer Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. provides new energy vehicle charging piles, DC charging piles (fast charging), AC charging piles (slow charging), new energy vehicle charging station operation management services, professional new energy vehicle charging A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of equipment products. The development of new energy vehicles is inseparable from charging piles. Without charging piles, new energy vehicles cannot be charged, just like fuel vehicles without gasoline, naturally there is no way to drive. Therefore, the basis for the development of new energy vehicles is the charging of charging piles. Naturally, many consumers and manufacturers have also taken a fancy to the development of this industry and focused on the production of charging piles. New energy vehicle charging piles are expected to explode ahead of the new energy vehicle market. It is estimated that the average annual investment in the construction of new energy charging stations in my country in the next five years is expected to reach 3 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%. As the new energy vehicle charging pile on the power distribution side of the power grid, its structure determines that the characteristics of the automated communication system are many and scattered points to be measured, wide coverage, short communication distance, and with the development of the city, network topology requirements Flexible and scalable structure. So, what are the characteristics of new energy vehicle charging piles? 1. New energy vehicle charging pile - reliable redundant system redundancy, fault-tolerant design, high-frequency modular design, power device excess selection, excellent adaptability to power grid, environment, and vehicle models, wide voltage input range, and wide temperature range , independent heat dissipation air duct, self-identification protocol and compatible with various models of charging protection equipment, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and salt-mist protection measures are adopted inside the charging protection equipment, and the protection level of the whole machine is not lower than IP552. New energy vehicle charging pile-flexible modularization Power units, power distribution units, and control units all adopt modular design and standardization Utilize strict standardization to reduce variation, create flexibility and predictable output Easy to combine Flexible configuration, expansion, and combination, with a structure that expands while growing, can realize fast Deployment 3. New energy vehicle charging pile-high-efficiency design adopts cutting-edge technologies such as high-performance PFC control circuit, high-efficiency three-level circuit topology, and digital control Space miniaturization design, high power density, small footprint, energy-saving standardized design, reducing Production cost; low harmonics, high power factor, high efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction; green environmental protection, saving investment 4, new energy vehicle charging pile - technology intelligent budget troubleshooting, high availability; support IC card, mobile phone payment function; can Realize unattended interaction Have a friendly human-computer interaction interface, realize the control and management of charging piles Flexible networking methods within and between stations, support wired, 3G/4G wireless multiple communication methods 5. New energy vehicle charging piles - fashion Simple and concise, technological appearance design integration integrates services such as advance reservation, search, query, and planned charging, and supports QR code scanning. The future is fashionable and intelligent to cater to the future. Ergonomic design with appearance, scientific and safe; LCD touch screen realizes visual operation and maintenance and simple online maintenance; each unit supports hot swap, which greatly reduces maintenance time and effectively improves usability , Insulation detection function, non-electric terminal, waterproof terminal, to ensure the safety of users and a safe environment. With short-circuit protection function, short-circuit is not only easy to damage the power supply, but even cause a fire if a short-circuit is found. EMC electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology inspection basis require the equipment to be equipped with overcurrent, undervoltage, overheating, lightning surge protection, and emergency stop protection functions; the output side is equipped with a DC contactor, which is disconnected when it is not charging. Prevent current backfeeding.


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