New energy cable manufacturers share cable laying specifications with you

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

New energy cable manufacturers share with you that cable laying needs to follow general regulations and specifications. Generally, the selection of the cable path should meet the following requirements: 1. The cable should avoid mechanical external force, overheating, corrosion and other hazards. 2. In the case of meeting the safety requirements, the cable path should be ensured to be the shortest. 3. Easy to install and maintain. 4. Avoid the place to be excavated for construction. 5. When the oil-filled cable line passes through undulating terrain, the reasonable configuration of the oil supply device should be ensured. 6. The upper, lower, left and right changing parts of any laying method and all path conditions shall meet the requirements of the allowable bending radius of the cable. 7. The allowable bending radius of new energy cables should meet the requirements of cable insulation and structural characteristics. The allowable bending radius of the self-contained lead-filled oil-filled cable can be calculated as 20 times the outer diameter of the cable. When there are a large number of cables in the same channel, if they are laid on the multi-layer support on the same side, the following regulations should be met: 1. Power cables with high to low power cables, control and signal cables from strong to weak, and communication cables sorted in order. When the horizontal channel contains high-voltage cables above 35kV, or the cables introduced into the cabinet panel meet the requirements of the allowable bending radius, they should be arranged in the order from bottom to top. When the same project or cable channels are extended to different projects, they should be configured in the same upper and lower order. When the number of support layers is limited by the channel space, power cables of adjacent voltage levels of 35kV and below can be arranged on the same support, and power cables of 1kV and below can also be arranged on the same support with strong current control and signal cables. When the same important circuit is fire-resistant separated from the spare cable, it shall be arranged on brackets of different layers. The arrangement of cables on the same layer of support shall meet the following requirements: control and signal cables shall be reliable or stacked in multiple layers. 2. Except that the same circuit of single-core power cables in the AC system can be configured in a zigzag (trilobal) shape, multiple important power cables of the same circuit should not overlap. .


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