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Which one is better for the national charging pile agent to join? How much is charging pile agent joining? How much does it cost to act as an agent to join the charging pile? To join the charging pile agent, you can directly call 15919794865 to consult Shenzhen Evcome New Energy Co., Ltd., to provide you with an overall solution for charging pile construction in various scenarios, multi-directional help, full guidance, reject middlemen to make the difference, and directly cooperate with charging pile manufacturers. Enjoy first-level charging pile agent discounts. To start a business as an agent must choose an industry with development potential. Nowadays, the whole country has been paying attention to environmental protection and reducing pollution, so it is very concerned about environmental protection travel. Environmental protection travel has become a project with rapid development momentum and great potential. At present, the franchise agency of charging piles has become a hot business opportunity. Among them, the franchise agency of electric vehicle charging piles has a high profit point, and the industry market is relatively mature. It has become the first profitable project for many agents. What matters should be paid attention to when joining the national charging pile agent? 1. Choose a powerful manufacturer Choosing a powerful charging pile manufacturer is to lay the foundation for the after-sales service of the agent. 2. Choose a manufacturer with core technology According to the survey, there are currently 300+ charging pile manufacturers in the country, but most of them are assembly manufacturers; they do not have their own core technology; they are lacking in after-sales and product guarantee. Blindly enter the industry as an agent, without doing research and comparison, you will definitely suffer. Charging pile manufacturers with core technology can guarantee the stability of the platform in subsequent operations; system upgrades and other rights that franchise operators should enjoy. 3. Choose safe and stable products Safe and stable products are the guarantee for operators to join the project and make profits. Reminder: Charging pile agent franchisees must know the industry situation when choosing charging piles and manufacturers, understand the qualifications of the manufacturer in many ways, ensure that the products they get are safe, and the manufacturer can continue to provide good after-sales service. At present, there are many manufacturers of charging piles, and the ways of cooperation and profit are different. There are certain risks in investment, so we need to choose carefully.


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