Measures to Improve Electromagnetic Compatibility of Industrial Robot Cables

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

With the continuous development of robot fieldbus technology, its application fields are no longer tied to automobile manufacturing, but are widely used in industrial equipment, industrial automation and other fields. However, harsh industrial environments and severe electromagnetic interference are especially important. How to ensure the reliability of robot cable signal communication is particularly important. The electromagnetic compatibility function has a great influence on the working reliability of the robot communication system. Electromagnetic compatibility EMC (Electromagnecompatibility) means that the electromagnetic energy generated by the equipment will not interfere with other equipment or the electromagnetic energy of other equipment. Electromagnetic compatibility mainly includes two aspects: 1. Electromagnetic interference emission EMI refers to the adverse electromagnetic interference effect of the product itself on the outside world. There are two types: conducted interference and radiated interference. Conducted interference is the coupling (interference) of a signal on one grid to another grid through a conductive medium; radiation interference is an interference source that couples (interference) a signal to another grid through space. 2. Electromagnetic sensitivity EMS (ElectroMagneticsceptibility) refers to the degree of reduction due to the composition of electromagnetic energy. At this time, it is necessary to select certain skills and methods to suppress electromagnetic interference, which is called electromagnetic shielding. The so-called electromagnetic shielding is to use conductive or magnetically conductive materials to bind electromagnetic radiation within a certain regular space. Its purpose is to select the shielding body to surround the electromagnetic interference source to suppress the interference of the electromagnetic interference source to the receiver in the surrounding space, or to select the shielding body to surround the receiver to prevent the interference source from interfering with it. Twisted pair shielded cable. According to its shielding principle, electromagnetic shielding can be divided into electric field shielding, magnetic field shielding and electromagnetic field shielding. At the same time, electric field shielding includes electrostatic field shielding and alternating electric field shielding, magnetic field shielding includes stable magnetic field shielding and alternating magnetic field shielding, and electrostatic shielding can be divided into external electric field shielding and internal electric field shielding. No matter what kind of shielding, it is essentially discussing how to distribute the electromagnetic field in various specific partial spaces. In practice, different shielding methods should be selected according to different field sources. To sum up, the methods to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of robot cable signal communication can be divided into three types: emission protection, absorption protection, and conduction protection. 1. Launch protection——Provide the electromagnetic compatibility capability of electronic equipment, select components with good electromagnetic compatibility function, arrange them reasonably, and reduce the impedance of the ground wire. Ideally, all grounds on the board should be at equal potential. 2. Absorption protection - control the trouble of sensing cables, use twisted pair, increase the degree of twisted pair, shield grounding, increase impedance, suppress common mode trouble, separate bus terminals. 3. Conducted protection - shielding and protection of conducted interference, barrier transceivers, use signal protectors to eliminate interference. .


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