Introducing high flexible cables, what are the basic principles for purchasing flexible cables?

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

High-performance industrial flexible cables are widely used in industrial automation and intelligence fields such as robots and mechanical automation. Usually customers lack a certain degree of awareness and judgment on flexible cables, so what is the principle of purchasing high-flexible cables? The basic principles of choosing high flexible cables: Ampacity: Ampacity is the current value that the wear-resistant cable can withstand in use. Generally speaking, the ampacity refers to the maximum current value. Therefore, when purchasing wear-resistant cables, you need to check whether the wear-resistant cables use a degraded design in the structural design. In this regard, as long as it is a regular cable, the product manual will have detailed instructions. In addition, it is also necessary to check the insulation value and voltage resistance of the cable arch to see if it meets the application requirements. Toughness requirements: The conductors of highly flexible cables have high requirements on toughness, because the cables are in a dynamic working environment. In general, the thinner the conductor, the softer and more flexible the conductor. But this is limited because it also requires strong mechanical fatigue strength requirements. Impedance matching: Not only flexible cables, but other types of cables generally have impedance requirements as long as they are used for signal transmission, especially in environments with large magnetic field interference, the requirements for cable impedance matching are more stringent. Be aware that if the impedance of the cable does not match during use, it is not serious, and the signal transmission may be intermittent. If the situation is serious, it will cause signal reflection and cause the signal to be unreceived. Introduction to flexible cables. Highly flexible cables are widely used in many places! There are different types and types in different places, so its materials are also varied. There are four common jacket materials: PVC, PETP, P. UR and steel wire. Different jacket materials have different functions. In some acid-resistant environments, acid-resistant materials are required. If you don't mention the jacket material, generally speaking, it has several materials: metal and fiber. Dimensions, rubber, plastics, paints, paints, inorganic and gaseous materials. These eight materials are common. After talking about the material of the highly flexible cable, let's introduce its structure. Its structure is the same core from the inside to the outside, and its production is carried out continuously from the inside to the outside. The processes are tightly linked and cannot be reversed, and assemblies cannot be assembled like other products. When designing its structure, it is necessary to comprehensively consider its use, use requirements, environmental factors, electrical properties and physical properties of materials. What are the advantages of ravaging cables? First point out its biggest advantage, that is durable! When using the cable, due to the general or poor quality, it is easy to wear and fail, which affects the normal use of the cable on the one hand and reduces the efficiency, on the other hand. - also affects the production process. Therefore, to improve efficiency, people produce durable high-flex cables! Due to its durability, it has a longer service life than ordinary cables. Also, it has some cables. It has the characteristics of hydrolysis resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid, alkali and salt resistance. Highly flexible cable. Highly flexible cables are generally divided into flexible control cables, flexible power cables, flexible power cables, flexible data/bus cables, flexible servo cables, etc. High-flex cables The more flexible the better! It cannot be very soft due to the metal conductors inside, the insulation and the outer material. If it is as soft as a rope and does not have a certain degree of toughness, it will be easily worn out during use. Damage, conductor break or short circuit! I believe you must introduce high flexible cables, and have a deeper understanding of the basic principles of purchasing flexible cables, evcome Cable Co., Ltd. specializes in new energy charging pile cables, industrial network cables, TPU spring stretched spiral cables, encoder cables, high Flexible cable processing customization welcomes consultation and cooperation! .


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