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For the solution of installing electric vehicle charging piles, you can directly call 15919794865 to consult Shenzhen Evcome New Energy Co., Ltd., to provide you with solutions for installing electric vehicle charging piles, one-stop research and development, production and sales, installation, operation and service of electric vehicle charging piles, existing Electric bicycle charging piles, charging cabinets, AC charging piles, DC charging piles, DC low-voltage charging piles, DC split charging piles, DC integrated charging piles, AC and DC integrated charging piles and many other charging piles are available. Common problems in the process of installing electric vehicle charging piles: 1. What are the hard conditions for installing charging piles in the community? Answer: Basically, it is easy to handle if there is a fixed parking space. If not, you can negotiate with the property owner to install it in a place. The key is to get the property right. I think there is nothing else. 2. I just bought an electric car, is it fast to install a charging pile? A: The installation is very fast. There is a survey before the installation. I am on site. Generally, I can give a quotation within three days after the survey. If you think it is expensive, you can find a small tooling by yourself according to the installation plan given by the master. If the property is difficult to deal with, or if you are worried about after-sales , then let the installation company install it, and spend money to buy it at ease. 3. How much does it cost to install an electric vehicle charging pile? What are the fees? Is it expensive? Answer: The installation environment is simple, there are not many cables, basically no labor costs, and the materials are bought by yourself, not much money, only a few hundred yuan. For more complicated ones, the cable is tens of meters long, which is about several thousand yuan. 4. If there is no fixed parking space, can I buy electric vehicle charging piles? Answer: You can definitely buy it. The installation of charging piles needs to be negotiated with the property to see if it can be installed in a place. If there are too many people buying in the community, you can install a public one. It is recommended to find a charging pile installation service company that can help Property communication, service attitude is good, and it saves a lot of worry. 5. I have already bought an electric car, but what should I do if the property management does not agree to install charging piles? Answer: The property management does not agree to install electric vehicle charging piles, mainly out of safety and responsibility considerations. At this time, you need to find a regular installation company to coordinate. They will install leakage protection switches, rain-proof boxes and other facilities during the installation of electric vehicle charging piles. The charging facilities will automatically trip and stop in the event of over-temperature or over-voltage. Charge to prevent leakage accidents. As well as the installation qualifications required by the property, they can provide them. The coordination will be much more convenient than the electrician you find yourself, and the success rate is also high. Of course, you still need to pay some money.


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