How to design the wall-mounted charging pile and how to prevent it from being rained-evcome


With the improvement of our living standards, the continuous advancement of science and technology, and the continuous improvement of the technical level, cars can no longer be driven only by refueling. Now, green charging pile manufacturers are promoting environmental protection, and electric cars are accepted by more and more people. It is recognized that the charging pile is an electric vehicle charging station, which looks like a parking stopwatch. The design of the charging pile can realize the current timing, metering of electricity, and charging of the amount. There are many types of charging piles, which are divided into floor-mounted charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles according to the installation method. New energy charging pile manufacturers share charging piles and special charging piles, which are divided into one pile for single charging and one pile for multiple charging according to the number of charging ports, so as to improve the efficiency and practicability of public charging piles. According to the charging method, it is divided into direct current charging pile, AC charging pile and AC-DC integrated charging pile. The designer combines the user's requirements to conduct market research and set the plan, from the appearance design, structural design, and car charging pile manufacturer. Innovating from different perspectives, the design of this wall-mounted charging pile conforms to the national industry standards in terms of functions. The charging pile is efficient and energy-saving, with stable and reliable performance. The car charging pile has multiple safety protection functions, is safe and easy to operate, supports multiple payment methods, and can provide users with fast and convenient electric vehicle charging services. In terms of appearance design, the shape of the pure electric vehicle charging pile Thin and fashionable, the color is selected from the elegant black series, and the appearance is exquisite in texture, giving people a natural and comfortable aesthetic feeling. How to prevent electric vehicle charging piles from being drenched in the rain? Electric charging pile solutions Electric vehicles are one of the better means of transportation in our lives. Everyone should know that as long as electronic equipment is not allowed to get wet, if it is on a rainy day At that time, the charging pile OEM electric car has to be charged, that is, how should the electric vehicle charging pile be protected from rain. 1. If rain protection is really needed, there is now a custom rain cover for electric vehicle charging piles, which is used to protect the charger and prevent the charger from being exposed to rain. 2. When in use, place the electric vehicle charging pile on the pallet, and the ODM of the charging pile uses a bracket to prop up the waterproof cloth and cover it above the charger, effectively avoiding rain or water on the charger. Elevate it so that the water flow can flow through the bottom of the supporting plate, so as to avoid flooding the supporting plate when the water flow is too large. The rainproof method for electric vehicle charging piles, our method must be correct when charging electric vehicles, charging pile OEM.


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