How to choose charging piles for electric vehicles in various countries-evcome


At present, there are various electric vehicle charging piles on the market, and the quality is even more worrying. It is a headache and it is difficult to choose. Point: Whether the charging station is compatible with the full intelligent suspension function——Automatic shutdown when charging, which is basically standard for every device. The second point: Whether the equipment can be compatible with overload and no-load power cuts is to prevent artificial power theft, and no-load power cuts can better protect the interests of users' charging pile manufacturers. Third, it is necessary to consider whether the charging pile is compatible with remote control. The remote function allows users to monitor the working status of the charging pile in real time, so as to find problems and deal with them in time. The fourth point: Whether the payment method of the new energy charging pile manufacturer's charging pile, and the function of coin scanning, code scanning and card swiping can bring customers a fast experience. The fifth point: the arrival time of the device's income and the income account number, you must choose the device that can directly reach your account from the real-time charging pile manufacturer. After all, it is safe to exchange money with your own account. Sixth point: Can the equipment have a complete insurance system? After all, it is difficult to have problems with the use of the machine. It is more reassuring to have equipment underwritten by an insurance company. In case of an accident, claims can be taken to reduce the number of users loss. Comparing the above points, you can buy equipment that suits your needs. In addition, your car charging pile should also consider the after-sales system of the equipment. The most important point is to consider whether the equipment has leakage protection function. It is unimaginable for electric equipment. With the rapid development of the electric vehicle charging pile industry in China's pure electric vehicle charging pile, foreign countries are also constantly exploring and developing the electric vehicle charging pile industry. Due to the differences in national conditions at home and abroad, domestic companies cannot blindly copy foreign electric vehicle charging pile solutions. The development model of the charging pile industry, but you can learn from its successful experience in the development of the electric vehicle charging pile market. When foreign capital markets are faced with new development opportunities for new energy and green transportation, they quickly respond to charging pile OEMs, and large companies quickly occupy the market. , A feasible plan has led the general direction of the career. According to the customization of charging piles for different foreign electric vehicle charging pile development directions, domestic experts have summarized two types of electric vehicle charging pile operation models, namely, the operation model of comprehensive service for electric vehicle charging piles and the operation model of professional service for electric vehicle charging piles. Comprehensive service charging pile ODM to electric vehicle charging pile operation mode, is a relatively comprehensive and comprehensive solution provider, under the overall planning of a company, fully responsible for the construction, operation and service of an electric vehicle charging station, and the construction is relatively complete and has a strong coverage Electric vehicle charging pile information network, establish a communication network between electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging piles, serve navigation, information query, payment, entertainment and other fields, charging pile OEM.


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