How Much Range Does an Electric Car Lose Each Year?

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Driving an electric car is a perfect way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your fuel expenses. However, one common concern that most drivers have is the range of their electric vehicle. While electric cars are becoming more popular, there is still some resistance from consumers due to their limited range when compared to traditional gas vehicles. With that said, it's important to know just how much range an electric car may lose each year.

The deterioration of an electric car's battery is a natural process that occurs over time, and it's one of the most significant factors that determine how much range an electric car loses each year. When you charge your electric vehicle, the battery cells work hard to store the energy. But after hundreds of charges and discharges, the cells are bound to lose their capacity to store energy as efficiently. According to studies, the battery capacity in electric vehicles reduces by about 2-3 percent each year.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that determine how much range an electric car loses each year, plus ways to help maintain the range of your electric vehicle.

1. Battery age

Battery age is the leading factor that determines the decline in range in electric cars. While newer electric car models are built with sophisticated batteries that can last for longer periods, they still degrade over time. For instance, the Tesla Model S, which has the most extended driving range of any electric car, can lose up to 10 percent of its range after five years and one hundred thousand miles. The initial 'wow' of owning an electric car dissipates within the first five years, which is why battery replacement is a crucial concern.

2. Climate

Most electric cars are equipped with intelligent climate control systems that help maintain a comfortable cabin temperature throughout the ride. However, the climate control system can also reduce the range of electric cars. In colder weather, the battery range of electric vehicles decreases, leading to a reduction in the total driving distance. According to studies, your electric car can lose up to 40 percent of its range when operating in temperatures as low as -20 °C. During hot weather, the air conditioning system can also reduce the range of electric cars.

3. Driving style

The way you drive can significantly affect how much range an electric car loses each year. Aggressive driving, such as sudden acceleration and hard braking, can lead to a significant reduction in the range of electric vehicles. In contrast, smooth driving can help preserve the range of an electric car. Consider techniques such as coasting, where you allow the car to decelerate instead of using the brakes, and reduce your speed gradually in the city.

4. Battery capacity

The battery capacity of electric cars is also a factor to consider when determining how much range an electric car loses each year. As electric vehicles age, the battery capacity naturally decreases, leading to a reduction in the driving range. However, the battery degradation rate depends on several circumstances, including installation size, chemistry, and operation. Some electric carmakers, such as Nissan, install batteries that can thermally manage better, and thus, their battery retains a capacity of 66-87% over five years.

5. Charging patterns

The way you charge your electric car can also affect the loss of range in the long term. Slow charging for extended periods is preferable to fast-charging for shorter periods. Fast charging generates more heat, which can lead to a reduction in battery capacity over time. In contrast, slow charging provides the right level of charging and cooling, preventing the battery from being stressed.

In conclusion, electric cars are a remarkable innovation, and although they have made significant strides in the last decade, they still have room for improvement. The range of an electric car can be drastically affected by age, climate, driving style, battery capacity, and charging patterns. To maintain the range of your electric vehicle, consider the critical factors highlighted in this article, and make the necessary adjustments.



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