How much is the investment of smart charging pile joining


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How much is the investment for joining the smart charging pile? There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, or even more investment in joining smart charging piles! Specifically, it depends on how you want to invest, where you want to invest, and what franchise brand you choose. But in any case, we must work hard on the social aspect, because as long as we join and invest in charging piles, we will definitely continue to develop. 1. Prospects for smart charging piles Now my country has more than 1 million new energy vehicles and more than 50,000 charging piles in operation, accounting for 56.7% of the total number of charging piles, ranking first in the number of charging piles in the world. Driven by new technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and virtual assistants, charging piles are becoming more and more intelligent. At present, users who use mobile phones to locate charging devices account for the majority of charging users. Charging customers can also access the system and pay for charging through the mobile phone client. The owner of the charging pile can remotely monitor the charging equipment through the mobile phone to ensure the normal operation of the charging business. In addition, after the pile is paired with the mobile phone, the pile owner can remotely charge through the mobile phone to save charging costs. These mobile phone applications have fully exploited the functions of charging piles, which has greatly improved the efficiency of charging piles. In addition, adding an intelligent networking module on the basis of traditional charging piles allows charging piles to quickly connect to the cloud, not only notifying their own status, charging data, and health conditions to the cloud, but also accepting control commands from the cloud. In addition, the hardware program of the charging pile can also be remotely upgraded through the cloud. 2. Under the new infrastructure, the construction of smart charging piles is expected to usher in explosive growth. In recent years, a new concept has been proposed“New infrastructure”, this concept is proposed based on the charging pile industry, which is conducive to improving the overall profitability of the charging pile industry. After this concept was put forward, a large amount of capital has poured into the charging pile industry, and it has developed rapidly. Many people hope to start from“New infrastructure”Benefit from the policy dividend. However, at present, the overall utilization rate of charging piles is relatively low, and operators are generally in a state of loss. After years of development and elimination, there are really not many that can achieve profitability! Joining and investing in the industry of smart charging piles still has great development prospects and space. If you can seize this opportunity, it will definitely be a big profit.


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