How much does the charging pile agent need to invest


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How much does the charging pile agent need to invest? You can directly call 15919794865 to consult Shenzhen Evcome New Energy Co., Ltd., and provide you with charging pile agent investment information, including how much charging pile agent needs to invest, how much charging pile agent needs to invest, charging pile does not need manual management, and uses artificial intelligence system You can understand the specific situation of the charging pile, and it can also be controlled remotely, which is convenient and quick to operate. Charging pile agents require less investment, generally around 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, there is a great demand from consumers in the market, and new energy vehicles have a high reputation in the market. There is a lot of room for development in investing in the agency of new energy vehicle charging piles, and it is also a business venture. A good choice not to be missed. Before investing in charging piles as an agent, you need to go through various certificates and procedures. Here is a brief explanation: 1. Complete all kinds of certificates. The industry and commerce bureau will have different regulations. For personal investment, you can first register a management company, give the company a name, then go to the local industrial and commercial bureau to check the name, then apply for a business license, a code certificate, and a tax registration certificate. 2. Various preparations in the early stage. The number of private agent charging piles also depends on the number. If the number is not large, it is best to do it on the basis of existing operating capabilities. It should be noted that there must be people, venues, and power. With these, it is much easier to operate charging piles, and at the same time, it can make money quickly, and it is also easy to form a scale. Although the initial investment in acting as an electric vehicle charging pile is a bit too much, once it is done, there is no need to increase the cost investment in the later stage, so it can be said that it is a one-time investment and benefits for life. How much does the charging pile agent need to invest? If the land cost is not taken into consideration, the construction of a charging station for fifty electric vehicles will require a total investment of hundreds of thousands to several million yuan. On the roadside, if you want to build a DC charging pile, you need to invest more than 20,000 yuan. (Reminder: The specific cost of investment required by the charging pile agent is determined according to the power of the charging pile to be invested and the configuration functions of the charging pile.).


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