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How long does it take for an electric car to be fully charged at a community charging station? Regarding this issue, in general, community charging stations have functions such as full self-stop and overload protection. The probability of car charging fire accidents can also solve the problem of property charging electricity fee collection and labor. The community charging station beautifies the environment of the small charging pile manufacturer ranking area, and has become a necessary supporting facility for the community and a good helper for the property. We all know that the fast charging stations on the streets and alleys only need to charge the electric vehicle for 10 minutes to ride a certain distance. The principle is that it increases the charging current, and this charging method will damage the battery of the electric vehicle. Residential community owners will have doubts about how long it will take to use the community charging station to fully charge the charging pile manufacturer. In addition, the time of the charging station in the community can be set, and it is understood that the charging time that can be set is different for each community according to different situations. Take the manufacturer of Shanyelai car charging piles as an example, all the charging stations in the community are set to One yuan for five hours. The question of how long the charging station in the community can be fully charged still depends on the situation of the car owner using the electric vehicle: for example, the car owner uses the electric car to go out during the day, and then charges it when he comes back at night. It can be fully charged in five hours. In the case of a power failure, it can’t be fully charged in five hours. A pure electric vehicle charging pile can be charged for two yuan and charged for ten hours. Therefore, how long it takes to charge an electric vehicle with a community charging station depends on the actual situation. depends. As a solution tool for charging piles for travel, electric vehicles are convenient and fast, but there have been many hidden dangers in charging chaos for a long time. The future smart charging piles are beyond your imagination. The multi-functionality of charging piles is somewhat traditional. Pile foundry there are some problems. Some traditional charging piles have some problems, and what functions of smart charging piles can solve problems for each user. First of all, after the battery car charging pile is fully charged, the traditional charging pile cannot automatically cut off the power, but continues to charge, which greatly shortens the life of the battery itself, and may cause the battery to overheat and short circuit. . The charging piles in the smart community can monitor the charging status of the battery car in real time, and automatically cut off the power supply after the battery car is fully charged, which protects the battery car well. The second problem is that after the charger of the battery car is unplugged, the user does not notice anything, and does not know that his battery car is not charged. Therefore, in this case, many users are very uncomfortable, cannot use the battery car, and spend money indiscriminately. OEM.


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