Household flame retardant wire or ordinary wire?

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When decorating new houses or decorating old houses, we often need to use a lot of wires for laying, but some owners are very distressed about the choice of wires. In recent years, electrical fires caused by wire and cable fires are on the rise. I don't know whether to use flame-retardant wires or ordinary wires now. Line selection is a university issue. How should we choose? In this issue, you explain the difference between flame retardant ground wire and ordinary ground wire. let us see. Difference 1: Different uses. Flame-retardant wires are suitable for AC rated voltage 110kV plastic insulated power cables, 450/750V plastic insulated control wires, 450/750V and below electrical equipment. Mainly used in power transmission and distribution, control, alarm, fire protection system product lines, etc. Ordinary insulated wires are used for internal wiring of instruments and equipment. Difference 2: The principles are different. Flame-retardant wires refer to wires that burn under specified test conditions and can only spread flames within a limited range. After the fire source is eliminated, it can be extinguished within a limited period of time. Ordinary insulated wires rely on the fire resistance and heat resistance of the mica material in the refractory layer to ensure that the cable works normally in a fire. Difference three: the structure is different. The basic structure of flame-retardant cables has the following three points: the insulating layer is made of flame-retardant materials; the sheath and outer protective layer are made of flame-retardant materials; the tape and filling are made of flame-retardant materials. Ordinary insulated wires are generally not equipped with flame-retardant materials, but only refractory materials. Difference four: different materials. Flame-retardant wires usually add a fire-resistant layer between the conductor and the insulation layer, so theoretically it is possible to add a fire-resistant layer to the flame-retardant cable structure to form a flame-retardant and fire-resistant cable, but it is not necessary in practice. Ordinary insulated wires usually have some refractory layers, usually wrapped directly on the wire with multi-layer mica tape. It can burn for a long time, even if the polymer at the flame is burned, it can guarantee the normal operation of the circuit. In home decoration, wires are hidden projects. Once damaged, maintenance will be very troublesome. Therefore, Xiaoxi recommends that you choose safe and environmentally friendly flame-retardant wires. .


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