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Henan charging pile manufacturer evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. provides you with the product introduction, contact number, product quotation, product picture, specification parameter, brand model and other information of Henan automobile charging pile manufacturer brand encyclopedia. Focus on one-stop research and development, production, sales, installation, and service operation of car charging piles, and strive to provide overall technology and product solutions for car charging piles, with business covering the whole country. 1. Storage and transportation of car charging pile equipment During the transportation process, the charger body should be packed firmly and intact in a solid wooden box and the direction of loading and unloading should be marked. The charging pile should not be stored and transported upside down. Corresponding fastening measures should be taken during transportation to avoid strong vibration and bumps from damaging the outer packaging of the equipment. After the arrival of the goods, check whether there is any damage. If there is any damage during transportation, it should be resolved through consultation with the transporter and our company. Immediately after unpacking, check whether the items in the box are consistent with the packing list. Packaged devices should be stored at relative humidity≤80%, the room where the ambient air temperature is -10℃~﹢40℃. The storage place should be dry, clean and ventilated, and can prevent the intrusion of various harmful gases. It is strictly forbidden to store in the same place with corrosive items. 2. Maintenance and maintenance of car charging piles 1. Take sunshade and rainproof measures for the charging piles. It is recommended to install a rain shelter outdoors. 2. Regularly check whether all the bolts in the charging pile are fastened, whether the connecting wire is loose, or whether the connection is not strong. 3. Check whether there is a short circuit. 4. Pay attention to lightning protection to ensure effective shielding and reliable grounding of charging piles. 5. When in use, try to control the output voltage and current of the charging pile within the nominal range to ensure that the charging pile works with maximum efficiency. 6. When the charging pile is out of use, the charging output should be stopped first, then the cable should be wound and put back to its original position. Note: During the transportation of the charging pile, pack the charging pile firmly and mark the direction of loading and unloading. It is forbidden to store and transport the charging pile upside down; corresponding fastening measures must be taken to avoid strong vibration and bumps from damaging the outer packaging of the device.


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