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Hangzhou charging pile evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. focuses on providing charging solutions for electric vehicles, independent research and development design, the source manufacturer of charging piles, Hangzhou charging piles support scanning codes, card payment methods, real-time monitoring of equipment and income status! Waterproof eaves design, safe charging, the product has passed multiple inspections, safe use of electricity, worry-free and more at ease! Professional charging pile company system platform monitors all-round auxiliary charging pile operation, professional after-sales team maintenance. The promotion of environmentally friendly new energy electric vehicles, in addition to“Unlimited travel, no license”Support, charging is the primary problem to be solved. In the development process of electric vehicle charging piles, safety hazards are not only the protection of equipment safety, but also the safety protection of the entire application process, the safety protection of electric vehicles, the safety protection of users and their For the protection of customer network information security, what are the safety equipment of charging piles? 1. Overcurrent protection Many electronic products have a rated voltage, and it is not allowed to exceed the rated voltage, otherwise the equipment will be burned. Overcurrent protection means that after the current exceeds the set current, the power is automatically turned off to protect the equipment chip and the motherboard from being burned and prevent equipment failures. 2. Short-circuit fault protection Short-circuit faults not only easily destroy the power supply, but even cause fire accidents in serious cases. Once a short-circuit fault is detected, the electric vehicle charging pile will immediately shut down the power supply to prevent it from happening. 3. Electricity leakage protection Electricity leakage accidents generally occur during the operation process and cause great damage. Although a small amount of current will not cause any harm in the short term, it will still cause ventricles and cardiac arrest over time. . The leakage protection system software collects the remaining current. If the current is too large to collect, it will immediately cut off the current. 4. Overvoltage protection Overvoltage protection mainly protects the power supply line of electric vehicle charging piles. When the working voltage exceeds the ordered maximum value, immediately control the working voltage to reduce or immediately disconnect the switching power supply. 5. Undervoltage protection Undervoltage protection is generally caused by a short circuit fault, which will cause harm to the route of the electric vehicle charging pile and the equipment itself. Undervoltage protection protection is to protect the electric vehicle charging pile from being damaged easily when the operating voltage is reduced to the critical value after the switching power supply is disconnected for various reasons, and it can extend the application period of the electric vehicle charging pile . 6. The emergency stop button of the direction change protection is the switch for the operator to stop the operation of the electric vehicle charging pile in an emergency when the equipment is judged to be faulty but not automatically stopped. The rescue operation made. 7. Anti-shock surge protection is very important, especially for outdoor electric vehicle charging piles. When the peak current or operating voltage suddenly occurs in the control circuit of electrical equipment or the communication network due to external influences, the surge protector can be turned on and separated in a very short time, thereby preventing the surge from affecting other people in the control circuit. hazards to machinery and equipment. 8. The protection of the charging gun is not only in the operation process of the operator, but also for the detection and treatment of the electric leakage in the process of plugging in the charger to prevent damage.


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