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Guizhou charging pile brand evcome new energy charging pile company provides new energy vehicle charging pile prices, charging pile after-sales one-stop service, welcome to call 15919794865 for consultation, regular charging pile manufacturers, waterproof eaves design, charging safety, products have passed layer by layer inspection, and advanced technology has been introduced Technology, supports multiple payment methods by scanning codes and swiping cards, powerful intelligent management platform, 4G network can start charging in 0.5 seconds. Mainly engaged in electric vehicle charging piles and new energy vehicle charging piles, providing floor-mounted, wall-mounted, column-type, mobile and other types of new energy vehicle charging piles. It adopts the payment method of scanning code and swiping card, compatible with all national standard electric vehicles on the market, and can set tiered charging standards according to different charging power; supports the function of finding nearby charging piles and navigating to them, allowing car owners to find charging points as soon as possible; 8 major safety guarantee functions such as power failure, timing power failure, leakage protection, etc., prevent the occurrence of safety hazards. According to the utilization rate of charging piles, charging piles with low utilization rates will be banned. Now, the daily charging capacity is 3 million kWh, a 3-fold increase compared to the same period last year, and it is maintaining a certain increase every day, basically achieving a monthly increase of 10% compared to the previous month. When entering the charging pile market, you must see the later operating costs, power operation and maintenance costs, and huge management costs. If the piles are not built, it will only result in greater assets and greater burdens. Enterprises build piles in a reasonable and orderly manner according to the needs of the market, and will soon be able to recover the cost. gained profit. Simply speaking, the DC charging pile means that the charging voltage is DC, and the DC charging pile takes power through the grid. The charging pile itself has an inverter, which converts the alternating current into direct current, and then directly connects to the two ends of the battery of the electric vehicle. In order to prevent the occurrence of factors such as overcharging or uneven charging of the battery, a battery management system (BMS) is connected to both ends of the battery. This is the core technology of DC charging. It can be said that this is the battery steward, which can prevent many unsafe factors and improve Battery performance and life.


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