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Guangdong power exchange cabinet products are based on“Internet of Things + Big Data + Cloud Services”The core technology of the company builds a service network for safe charging and convenient battery replacement. The device can solve the battery life problem in a short time and meet the needs of users who scan the code and use it immediately. Car users provide quality service. Guangdong Shenzhen evcome New Energy Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction to the product classification of the power exchange cabinet, including detailed information such as the use, model, range, pictures, news and prices of all products under the new energy charge and exchange cabinet. 1. Guangdong 4 warehouse/8 warehouse/10 warehouse/12 warehouse module power exchange cabinet product introduction: 1. Protection safety: overcharge protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, no-load protection, lightning protection, rain protection , Fire protection, dust protection, explosion protection. 2. Integrated charging and swapping, strong compatibility, 4 compartments and 4 ports, high-efficiency conversion, port swapping, suitable for lithium battery jack charging, compatible with lead-acid batteries to meet the needs of various types of users. 3. Intelligent management, efficient charging and swapping, smart identification of batteries, Beidou/GPS positioning, smart anti-theft door locks, Bluetooth offline swapping and smart NFC induction swapping, so riders don’t need to take out their phones. 2. Advantages of Guangdong power exchange cabinet products: 1. Reduce charging hazards BMS module, real-time control of battery charging status, single-compartment fire extinguishing, isolation of dangers and reduction of potential safety hazards; lithium iron phosphate greatly reduces the risk of safety accidents. 2. Promote the implementation of policies for outdoor charging, standardize the safe charging behavior of users; smart lithium trams, in line with the new national standard, replace lead with lithium, and promote the recycling of new energy. 3. Lightweight operation The cabinet is lightweight and can be placed in multiple venues. Lightweight operation can quickly expand the market and solve the problems of site layout, installation, and transportation of traditional power exchange cabinets. Now it only needs one power strip to plug in and use. 4. The cabinets are modularized, which can realize the modular combination of express cabinets, free combination of 4 warehouses/8 warehouses/10 warehouses/12 warehouses, etc.


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