evcome cables: what is a robot cable?

Author: EVCOME-EV Chargers Manufacturers

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has seen a robot revolution. Therefore, as people's demand for robots continues to increase, it also brings great opportunities to the cable industry. Therefore, more and more cable companies list robot cables as emerging products for development planning, forming a wave of robot cables. So what is a robot cable? The following evcome editor will introduce to you: Many people think that robot cables are only used for robot cables. In fact, this is wrong. Robot cables are the general term for drag chain cables and manipulator cables in the industry. The cables used in drag chains and manipulators require different characteristics due to different parts of use. A robot cable generally refers to a flexible cable mounted on a robot arm. Multi-joint manipulators and multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical devices require long-term three-dimensional torsion, bending, and high-intensity motion. Therefore, the robot body cable needs to be resistant to continuous torsion and bending mechanical stress to meet the use in various complex environments. In addition, robot cables have different performance requirements in different parts, and are generally divided into robot body cables, floor mopping cables and robot internal connecting wires. As for which model to choose, it must be determined according to the actual situation. Robot cables are generally flexible cables with high flexibility, high strength, high bending, high rotation, high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, high drop resistance, high tear resistance, high oil resistance, high low temperature resistance, high hydrolysis resistance, high resistance Ultraviolet and other characteristics, the function is very powerful. Robot cables generally have good insulation and non-slip properties, good acid and alkali resistance at room temperature, and robot cables have a longer service life under the coexistence of torque and bending stress. A high-quality robot cable generally consists of two or more copper wires finely twisted into a bundle, and the cable pitch is small. In addition, there are enough tensile fibers in the cable core to allow free continuous reciprocating movement. Therefore, robot cables can be widely used in industrial electronic drag chain systems, automatic production line drag chain systems, logistics transmission equipment drag chain systems, CNC machine tool drag chain systems, metallurgical industry automatic drag chain systems, etc. .


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